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Sunday, 06 April 2008



WoW that looks great! Odd to see a place charging less for take out. Talk about a heck of a deal for some fresh hot humus I can eat that stuff on anything! ;-)


how do you stumble upon these food establishments??

ed (from Yuma)


That food does look great. There seems to be a real Middle Eastern community in the east county. Have you ever been to Sahari?


All of the Mediterranean places in East County out here have the "to go" menu charging $1 less per item, Bill. I guess they don't want to have to clean up after anyone. Fresh hommus is great.
It's a long story, Ron, but let's just say I tend to drive a lot, avoid the freeways and am not afraid to stop. Anywhere.
We have a large Chaldean population in East County, ed. El Cajon was one of three U.S. cities where you could vote for a new Iraqi President. Never heard of tell!


Hi Cathy,

Thanks for blogging about Ali Baba. Along with Vine Ripe Market's grill, Ali Baba is a favorite of ours and a nice alternative when we want to take friends out to dinner.

The "feasts" on Ali Baba's menu are fantastic, featuring a good deal of meat and chicken and some of the area's best treatments of rice.

Dedicated carnivore that I am, I've been eating my way through San Diego's numerous kabob houses and have found Ali Baba one of the better choices. Next on my list: that place on El Cajon's Main Street that bills themselves as the "House of the Real Kabob ".



You mean Al Salam Halal, Omar? I did it on June 16 2007...or is there another one? The grocery stores on Main Street also sell kababs you know...$1.25 each


No, Cathy, it's the Hamurabi Family Restaurant at the corner of Main and Van Houten in El Cajon. There used to be a diner there with a Polish name, but I can't recall that.

Hamurabi has a big ol' sign 20 feet off the ground that says they're the "House of the Real Kabob", which cracks me up, 'cause, I mean, kabab is a good meal and all, but it's just meat on a stick, and the sign seems a leeeetle bit over the top. But it makes me want to try the place, so who's the dummy?

As to the stores on Main Street, yes, I've seen the inexpensive skewers, but I if I'm not dining out, I prefer to prepare and cook the kabab (kefta, beef or chicken) myself. The exception to that rule is Vine Ripe Market's grill, where I'll "carry out" most any time.



Thanks for the recommendation! I'll be checking this place out soon! The only kabob I've tried so far have been at Vine Ripe and I love that place! But now I definitely want to venture out to El Cajon to give Ali Baba a try!


I'll be looking for Hamurabi this week, Omar. I love to just walk in and try places...and should have some time to do that now ;)
Hello and Welcome, Nicole! I looked at your blog and see your lifestyle is similar to mine- El Cajon isn't that far of a drive and has its own qualities... really. You'll enjoy Ali Baba. Glad you enjoy Vine Ripe- a regular stop for me. I posted on it in October 2006.

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