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Friday, 11 April 2008



Its been so long since I've been to Little Caesars - I love the bread sticks here too.

ed (from Yuma)

Thanks for sharing that dirty little secret. At least it's not Pizza Hut.


I don't think I've ever had Little Caesars pizza. Grew up with Round Table, that is after the Shakey's Pizza closed by the house. Now, we either get Frankie's in Mira Mesa or homemade.


Little Caesars? jeeze.. I hope kirk gets back soon.. very soon!


Hey, Bill- we do seem to agree on a lot of food items, don't we?
Oh, I *really* don't like Pizza Hut, ed...
I love homemade pies and pizza that costs more than $5,'s just a post about what I eat.
I was just waiting for a comment like yours, Caesar. If you read the blog, you'd know Kirk was back-and very exhausted- The rest of us are just helping him out by posting *something* about food, you know, since it is ablog...about food. But, thanks for taking the time to comment.


Hi Cathy - Guilty pleasures are a strange thing.....we are quick to dismiss...but we all have them!


I never met a pizza pie that tastes better than it looks. It's a pavlov allure.

oh, perhaps, Caesar was jesting about the "little" part. I dunno.


We do have guilty pleasures, that is true, Kirk...I just feel very free to admit them here on the blog, since not many people know who I am...or much about me except what I eat. Quite therapeutic.
So true about Pavlov, Ron. I suppose the freshness factor is a big part of all of it..along with childhood memories...*tee hee* "Little"...never thought about it...

ed (from Yuma)

yeh, that was the point of my Pizza Hut crack. I worked next to one once. Vile nasty processed stuff. I have had a lot of LC and Domino's over the years, but now I live a couple blocks from an independent, and indies rule.


Little Caesars is really bad...but i have darkened their door at the end of a long $5 what can we expect? It's garbage but its cheap garbage.


Wow Caesar, rough week at work?

One reason I keep coming back is because Kirk shares his blog with guests, or depending on how you look at it, has guests help him out. And they are not rubber stamps of Kirk. They have unique persectives, and it keeps it interesting around here.

I'd wager money that most everyone here has guilty pleasures (although I'd wager even more money that they don't feel all THAT guilty about them.) If you don't, that's cool. But give these folks a break.

They are putting time into something that we all find enjoyable (or we wouldn't be clicking over here every day). So what if you don't agree with the content for a day? No need to be insulting!

Cathy, you handled this comment in a classy way. My hat goes off to you. Thank you and edfromyuma for your great posts while Mr. and Mrs. K were off jet-setting around the world, having culinary adventures while we all sat here reading blogs waiting for lunch to roll around. ;)


Guilty food pleasures? I've got a closet full of those!! You know, for some reason I never noticed all the commercials for $5 pizzas until you mentioned it, Cathy. Boy, wish they had that back when I was in college.


Hi Cathy,

I haven't had Little Caesar's pizza in probably 20 years. Honestly, I thought they went out of business. I also just discovered that Shakey's is still around.

It's clear from the pizza discussions here (does any other food cause so much ruckus?) that people like what they like and will continue to do so no matter what alternatives the world offers them.

Personally, I am one of those people who didn't find Little Caesar's pizza very good, but that's ok, 'cause people like me create a demand for pizza we do like, which keeps the people who make it in business. Everyone gets what they want, so everyone's happy.

Caesar, I often disagree with Cathy's perspective on the places she visits and the food they serve, but I've never suggested that she should stop posting. Cathy is thoughtful, versatile, creative and dedicated in the way she approaches these blog entries.

I've done one post here; it took three weeks to compile. It's hard work, and it can actually spoil a meal, taking time to write notes, shoot photos, and talk with people at the restaurant. Have you done as much for the people who read mmm-yoso?



Omar, it was very apparent that you put a lot of time into that post. It was epic! I STILL think about roux-less gumbo. What a concept!


Hello cathy

loved the post, i was starting to think I was the only person that actually looked forward to Little Caesars pizza.
I grew up on the stuff too in northern california, there was one across the street from my elementary school, and they used to sell pizza by the slice and in combo meals with drinks, and for a while they even sold a sort of "happy meal" with a toy and everything, I absolutely looooved it =]

Also, I hold very strongly to the conviction that even if LC pizza isn't the best (far from it) it IS the absolutely "best day-old, and reheated in an OVEN" pizza =] its odd, but I stand by it!

And my last comment, have you ever had the "spice packs" that come with the pizza sometimes? it seems to come to random franchises, and sporadically. I can never seem to find them. THey are a pack of spices that you put on the pizza that compliments the LC pizza PERFECTLY and with its addition actually makes LC pizza top 3 in my book. They are so hard to find that I actually had corporate send me a bunch out to san diego =]

thanks for the post cathy!! =D


Oh, ed,I love independent Pizza Parlors, and try to post on the ones I like. Then again, it was Friday...and I thought $5 Friday meals was an idea for some posts. Then again, I'd have to write another one.
Glad to see your admission of darken the doors of Little Caesa's, Tommy. It isn't that bad, or you wouldn't go back...
Merci, JanFrederick.
Little Caesar's has been around almost 50 years, Carol, just not everywhere. They basically were known for their "PizzaPizza". No matter what you ordered, you got two. In one RECTANGULAR box. Not good if you drove a motorcycle...this $5 single pizza is kind of new.
Oh have I got a Shakey's post, Omar...I do look at this blog as more of a creative writing exercise at times. I like that nobody knows who I am, really- no idea what I do for a living or what I look I can write freely and they can use their imagination to fill in the blanks. Hmmm. You disagree with my perspective...Oh well. ;)
Nail on the head, Baru! Re-heat-ability. That is it. Even my mom will buy a LC pizza, becasue she says it still tastes good the next day and she doesn't have to throw it away. Welcome to the commenting side of the blog, BTW. Thanks for the nice words.


ahh yess the spice packs come with the pizza where i live and they are soo good, i always stop in and grab a bunch to put on my pizzas from the store lol


Welcome spunon- The pizza here is better than quite a few I have had from the store...I do crave the breadsticks, with no sauce, no spices, which may be my Thanksgiving Eve lunch.

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