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Tuesday, 04 March 2008



did your site just get hacked or you changed the template?

its kinda slow now and its a bit ugly imho

the other one was much brighter, glee-er


Hi Henry - Don't worry, it's changed back - I just wanted to see how all the posts would line up if I changed. Sheesh, only changed it for 5 minutes! You guys are quick.


The recipe is so scientifically detailed... and *gasp* its in Celsius! I guess what you could do is drive to a farm a buy a whole chicken. You wouldn't want to waste missus' uncle in law's efforts ya know.



Interesting story. It would be interesting if you actually made this then shared the results. But since it's for 30 people, maybe you should invite the in-laws too! :)


When I lived in Chengdu we had a maid who claimed that her hometown had the best chicken...One day she returned from a trip home ..with a chicken..A live chicken. It was in a burlap sack in our bathroom after I got home from work.Neither my wife or I knew what to do with it...We had a neighbor dispatch of it and cook it for us. Tasty indeed... BTW,This is the same maid that had two recipes already thought up about our French Bulldog..She would often tell my wife that the dog is too much trouble and that he is getting some good fat on him...


wow, killing your own chicken reminds me of a story which my mom told me of their father killing a goose, letting it drain and then after several hours taking the goose down. It ran around even though it had no blood in it...she's never eaten goose again...


Hi Taka - I dunno, we already tried this once.....

Hi Reid - I'm not quite sure I want to try this again...but maybe, just maybe.....

Hi TLB - That's too funny....but it sounds sooooo Chinese!

Hi Kat - I don't think I'd eat goose again if that happened to me either!


wow, the missus' folks sound like serious foodies...


ALL Chinese know their food.There are no "foodies" in China because everyone appreciates food.


Hi FH - They just wanted to make me happy!

Hi TLB - Correction; all Chinese, all Asians, for that matter(present company included) "think" they know their food! he-he-he......

Jeff C

this is so funny. My wife was looking up recipes for a sichuan chicken dish called Ko Shui Ji or mouthwatering chicken. She had to go to a mainland china site and they listed getting a chicken and killing it and doing the whole processing bit. Talk about getting your food fresh.
The way gas prices are going and also the local food movement, we may just have to start processing our chickens the same way.


Hi Jeffrey - It doesn't get much fresher than that, does it?

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