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Sunday, 23 March 2008



Hmm... Point Loma Seafood is a little out of the way for me. I'll be checking this place out. Thanks for the review!

BTW- I tagged you/Kirk... check the latest post on my blog for rules. :)


Hey Cathy! Yum, fried food! Those dishes looks great. I've been doing a bit of frying lately. As a matter of fact, I made some sweet potato fries last week.

I'll have to keep this place on had for when I'm down that way (not often tho). Hope work hasn't been too bad for you.


Awesome! Glad to know there is a purveyer of fresh fish that close to home. I'll be checking it out this weekend.


Yum - fried seafood the only way to have it ;-)


Hey, Liz- It is nowhere as large as Point Loma Seafoods, but has smoked fish for sale and the fresh fish selection is excellent. The food is very good and there are a variety of sandwiches to choose from.
Hi Carol. The Mister and I went to Costco (first time this year for me ;)) and I saw they were selling fresh cut sweet potatoes in the fresh veggie/fruit walk in refrigerator. I thought it was a great idea...
Yes, much closer for you, janfrederick. Either here or a chain grocery store...I like being able to sit down and eat here.
I love to live against the recommendatisn of the Centers for Science in the Public Interest, too, Bill


I just like that it's called the Fish Bucket! The food is really good though.


Glad you have tried it and liked it also, David...and that you noticed the name. The logo on the business card is a fish olding a menu wearing a sombrero standing next to a bucket... I dunno.


I noticed this place in January when I was at the post office, then forgot about it until your post.

I tried the 1/2 order fish & chips. The fish was good, but I thought the waffle fries were too salty. I'm not a sweet potato fan, but after my meal, I noticed they had eggplant fries! Next time.

My food was served in a red tin bucket that looks like the one under the Mister's meal.


My wife and I stopped by the Fish Bucket yesterday on the way to the Padres game in Anaheim. Grabbed a quick lunch of clam strip platter (her) and fish and oyster platter (me).

Personally, I've never been able to understand the appeal of clam strips. They seem to be a simple delivery system for grease and breading. However, they're comfort food to my wife, and as long as she's comfortable...

Anyway, she reported that the clams strips were "better than the ones in the box" and that she'd eat them again. She also coveted the grilled salmon being enjoyed by the lady sitting next to us.

My fish (mahi, I think the owner, David, said) and oysters (from Washington state, not Eastern) were fried nicely, with an interestingly spiced/herbed breading. Both seafoods stood up to the strong flavor well, and the meal was portioned to my liking. Still haven't gotten used to oysters tasting grassy vs. salty and like the ocean, but I live here, not on the Chesapeake or in New Orleans, so I keep an open mind.

Neither of us cared for the waffle fries; we wondered how far removed from a potato they were, and were surprised that in a place that cooks so much fresh product, they didn't choose to cut potatos for the "chips". We found the cole slaw to be average, not good or bad. We split on the garlic bread; my wife found it too buttery, which I thought made it perfect, and I liked the flecks of garlic grilled right into the surface of the slice.

We'll add the Fish Bucket to our rotation. There's more great-looking stuff on the menu left to try. Cathy's fried shrimp sound good...


Oh, and Cathy... thanks for the tip on this place.

I've been passing 52 x Santo Road for years with no intention of ever exiting, so this was definitely a "let's try it on Cathy's say-so" kind of meal!


Hi, Sandy- I know I will try to eggplant fries. No carbs! As you can see from the first photo, I was in the area *very* early one morning. For a reason...
Glad you tried the oysters, Omar. The last time we were there, they had oysters for sale in the fish counter, but would not fry them up for a meal...and I am glad I got you to take the exit. In that same parking lot, a little South is a great Farmers Market, with the ever so original name of "The Market". Great prices.


I'm a Navy wife living in the Murphy Canyon housing just down Santo from The Fish Bucket. I've been there twice already & they are my new favorite! As an insulin-dependent diabetic for 20 years, I need to eat healthy. The Fish Bucket not only serves healthy, delicious food. But, at a price that I can easily afford. Plus, the people who work there are friendly. The Fish Bucket is definitely Tierrasanta's hidden gem!


Hello and welcome to this side of the blog, Theresa! I feel very fortunate I ran across The Fish Bucket and was able to let others know about it. So glad you found something close to your home out here.


Does the Fish Bucket restaurant on Balboa still exist? Brad and Scott are you still kickin'?


I think you are thinking of Mister Fish and Chips on Balboa, Steve. It is still there and everything is wonderfully fried and amazingly tasty. Kirk blogged on it a while ago. Do a search for it in the top left corner box on this page. Welcome to the blog! The Fish Bucket I blogged here is not part of a chain or franchise.

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