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Sunday, 16 March 2008



Kimchi & Peanut! I must try! Can I thank you now Kirk for this bizarre sandwich that you are forcing me to make?

Do you think Cafe Dore is sourcing their bread from Paris Bakery?

Did you notice any other interesting baked goods beyond banh mi? I cant believe the price - almost better than boillos!

Fantastic post!

Wandering Chopsticks

Haha! My mom liked peanut butter in her banh mi, but without the kimchi. I've been known to stick my leftovers in banh mi myself, but these days, they seem to end up thrown out. :( And Maggi does make everything taste better!

ed (from Yuma)

Funny post. When will a banh mi place open out here in Yuma?


The last time I bought the bread, I had some left over. I put it in the fridge, and found that after a couple of days, let it come to room temp and pop it in the oven for a few seconds for a revival that ain't half bad.

Anyhowayhoo, I'm planning to try an Italian Meatball Banh Mi in a few days, I'll keep you posted. (nothing weird planned, just meatballs, marinara, parm, lechuga triturado, and possibly some maters).


Great post! Your sandwiches look great. (Not so sure about the peanut butter-kimchi, but I do love kimchi). As you know I'm a banh mi fanatic. I'll have to go to Paris Bakery and get some bread now. (As for the cilantro stems, my mom always told me that's where all the flavor comes from. I don't like them either and prefer just the leaves.)


I love kimchi, and I love peanut butter, so I would totally try that sandwich. Probably only the once, though. :)


Hi Alex - I really don't know why I made....and made myself eat that sandwich. I had always thought that one day I'd try it out. It's really not that strange least to me. Paris, really only makes bread, and sandwiches...they do have various snack products. I've never asked the folks at Dore where they get their bread from.....I think I'll have the Missus sweet talk them next time.

Hi WC - Maggi, the elixir of flavor! We try not to throw out leftovers.....but sometimes it just can't be helped.

Hi Ed - I wtill think it is just a matter of time. Banh Mi Vampiros, anyone?????

Hi Jan - That Banh Mi should taste really good!

Hi Mscinda - I just don't like the stems....they are really inedible. When I use them in soups I tie them into a knot, or cheesecloth and discard. Check out Paris for the bread....early in the morning, I think you'll like it.

Hi Erin - I think once will be more than enough! ;o)


AHHHRRRGGG! Peanut butter and kimchee? Whhyyyyyy? Uh, the other two looked good tho' Kirk.


You're a brave man. I'm going to ask my co-workers what they think about your sandwich!
I used to throw some peanut butter in this instant cup of spicy soup with glass noodles they have here, and then I'd eat kimchi with it. Yummy. I don't know if I'll try making that sandwich, though!


LOL that PBK looks like a crazy combination. I thought I was bad with PB and yellow mustard... and then saw someone eat PB with sliced pimento stuffed olives on a layer of mayonnaise. I think this wins the prize for out there!


Kimchi's one thing...but the peanut butter...that's like getting kicked in the nuts after you're already unconscious!


Hi Penny - Sorry to cause you so much pain and anguish......but it felt good to finally make that sandwich and file away that it closure if you will.

Hi Jenn - Peanut butter on instant noodles....oh no....please stop before I will just have to make it! ;o)

Hi Sandy - For some reason I find peanut butter and mayo to be just wrong....but who am I to cast stones, right?

Hi Elmo - LOL! That's a double ouch! You really cracked up the Missus with your comment. Thanks!


WoW now I've really got to try this crazy sandwich idea.


Hi Billy - You're really going to try this??? Don't forget the Maggi, ok? ;o)


I've had tuna and kim chee but never pb and kim chee. Kinda leery about the combo....


Hi Kat - You have every reason to be leary about it.


Why not it all gets mixed in the stomach. I have kimchi and peanut butter - I need bread though. LOL


Hi Billy - I'd like to know how you enjoyed it!

jeffrey c

Kirk, I thought this was a joke sandwich until I thought about the flavor provile of peanuts and how its not so different than sesame paste. These are used in pasta and bread combinations all the time. Think cold noodles with sesame and black vinegar with a whole lot of hot chili oil. I do a variation with this cold noodle dish by using chunky peanut butter. I find I like this flavor with the cold noodles. I will even do a similar thing with the yakisoba pan by putting the sesame cold noodles between two slices of white bread. Carb heaven! I tried putting this into the Sandwich Project website but they rejected it. I don't know why. Its mighty tasty.


Hi Jeffrey - That sandwich does sound weirder than it is....but didn't taste too bad.

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