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Thursday, 13 March 2008



You have found my favorite mexican food spot! It's so nice to finally see someplace I know on this blog! I recommend the Carne Asada Burrito special, a CAB with a side of rice and beans.


Hi Andrew - So you haven't seen any other places you know? I think I need to work a bit harder! ;o) Thanks for commenting!


drooling over your pics there....


I got too get me some good mexican grub in NoHo this weekend. I must!


I'm a relatively new reader and haven't gone over the archives, I'm sure if I look I'll find places I know. It's why I read this blog, to find places I don't know.


Boo, now I want me some rolled tacos...


Hmmm...I wonder if this Nico's is a relative of the ancient Nico's (now defunct) that used to be on Palm Ave. in National City.

That one had been there for at least 30 years up until the time it was consumed by a 'bertos (Hilbertos I think).

That Nico's too was small grimy and yet inviting. I think it was also the first Taco Shop with a Drive Thru in National City.

Good to see at least a couple of Nicoses survived the Coming of the 'Bertos.


All the Nico's are known for the carnitas. Better go back.


Hi Kat - I'm glad you rnjoyed the photos!

Hi Billy - I hope you enjoy your meal!

Hi Andrew - I hope we'ew able to be of some use.

Hi Carol - I think you need to get some soon, then....

Hi Bri - It could be, I think there are a few Nico's in Arizona as well.

Hi George - Thanks for the rec....funny thing, no one I've ever spoken to about Nico's has ever mentioned the I'll check it out next time.


Hi, Kirk!

I'll second George's recommendation of the carnitas at Nico's. I've never been to the one on Morena, but I've liked the carnitas in the Carmel Valley and Sorrento Valley locations.


Hi Howie - Ok....I've got to check it out then!


We have those rolled tacos here in Texas. But they are called flautas.

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