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Tuesday, 25 March 2008



hey cath, thanks for sharing your recent culinary adventures and for keeping fresh pics ont he blog :) I don't check in as often as I'd like but its been nice to see what the gang have been up to :) looks like you had a good find in mimis. That banana pie looks to die for :)

ed (from Yuma)

They opened one of these in Yuma, and reports on it are very positive. The one time I tried to eat there, the wait would have been half an hour, so I decided to wait until summer when no one is in town.

Glad to see some posts while Kirk and the missus are off globe trotting.


My Mister and I have been to the Mimi's in Mira Mesa a couple of times and we enjoyed it. The Mister loves that french onion soup and I like the fried zucchinis. I got the beef sandwich dip once and it was pretty good, loved the onion rings. I'll have to remember the Banana Foster pie if we make it back there. I love Banana Foster!

It's awesome that Mimi's will cook a burger to med-rare most restaurants won't do that anymore. I hate med-well done burgers.

White On Rice Couple

We totally agree with you! Gosh, all the dishes look great, especially that dessert. Drooling!
We've only been there twice and have been happy with it on both occasions.


Hi Cathy,

Despite my personal prejudice against chain restaurants, I've been a fan of Mimi's for a while.

Mimi's is owned by Bob Evans, but it just doesn't seem part of a chain. The quality of both the food and the staff training are consistent and excellent.

My wife and I like Mimi's Cafe for lunch and dinner.

I agree that Mimi's French onion soup is very good (interesting side note: the soup was Julia Child's last meal).

We enjoy Mimi's pastas, especially Parmesan Crusted Chicken Breast, a properly prepared, nicely solid piece of chicken with a tasty sauce and plenty of spaghettini.

On one occasion, I found the pot roast flavorful but a bit fatty; this was late at night, though, so I may just have been served whatever was left.

I also stop in for breakfast on occasion, enjoying standard fare and especially looking forward to the "red skin potatoes", spiced and fried just right.

To my disappointment, notwithstanding Mimi's New Orleans-themed menu and their dining rooms' "jazz" decor, I've never found Mimi's Cajun or Creole dishes very appealing. Nothing wrong with them, I suppose; I mean, I've never had a bad meal at a Mimi's. But there's an authenticity missing in their attempts at jambalaya, gumbo, creole sauces, even blackened items.

No matter. Fares to New Orleans are currently $175; it's almost cheap enough to fly down for a good meal and a coffee at Cafe du Monde, then return for breakfast at Mimi's.

Thanks for bringing this one up!


I've always found that the coffee at Mimi's was on the weak side. Next time I'll ask about their coffee.

The Mira Mesa location can get pretty busy, especially for weekend breakfasts, but they do call-ahead seating.

Of all their muffin choices, I like the carrot raisin best. The breads that they serve are yummy so I usually just take the muffin home.

I had the calamari once, but didn't like the peppers mixed in. I like the French onion soup and their quiches.


Its been a while since visiting Mimi's. I agree the French Onion was very good.

My last visit was a company breakfast. I remember enjoying the French Toast very much! It was Orange flavored! Very tasty.


Seems like a nice place. I don't know the mister but I sure like his burger style, medium rare! The only way to have it.


Hi Rachel-glad to see you are around. Thanks for the compliment. Kirk is having far more fun than I am. Thanks for the kind words. I so don't crave chocolate you know- the banana pie was perfect.
And-AND, ed- it will be all air conditioned too! I like being the "Temp" when Kirk is gone. He always comes back.
Hey, Carol. The pie may be one of the 'seasonal' offerings, although they seemed to be pushing a S'mores type dessert more. I always ask if I can get medium rare...nicely...then if they say medium, I ask for that and nicely ask they remove it from the grill jsut before they think it will be medium...usually works.
Hey, WORC- You can go back. Don't be afraid!
Hi, Omar- You did notice I left out any reference to New Orleans/French Quarter, decor or anything like that, right? It is good food. That's all that matters to me at this point in time. Sadly, I like Bob Evans, probably because my mom likes to go there when I visit.
Hi Sandy! You must have gotten a bad batch of coffee. I don't crave French Roast, per se, but every time I have gotten it, it is fresh. The calamari was done differently, which was kind of creative. I suppose the butter saute helped...
Hello, Bri. Welcome to my side of the blog. I have heard many, many good things about the breakfasts and need to stop in at 6 am, right after I fill up with fuel at Costco...
Oh, Bill. Go to the top left corner here, under "Search". Type in "Pinnacle Peak" to see my steak. We are kindred souls.

Jeff C

Cathy, nice writeup. I've been a fan of MiMi's for a while. At first I thought it was an Applebee's or a Marie Callender's type place but I think you got it when you said theya have an eye to detail. I've found their French Onion soup as good as the one in the Disney World French Pavilion restaurant; the pot roast is great, better than homemade; my father raves about their pork chops; I've had the steak salad which is excellent; their breakfasts are awesome but for the waiting. We live in Phoenix and the wait at the Mesa Mimi's on a Sunday morning can be up to an hour plus.
My wife totally loves their muffins. I think they are the best "free" appetizers they give you.


I'm back to being agreeable. I agree....Mimi's is pretty good for a chain or even a non-chain.


Hi Cathy,
Thanks for the post. I've always wanted to try Mimi's but not knowing anyone who has been there, I was unsure. I too, thought it was an Applebee's type place. All of the food looks great, the prices seem reasonable. That pie got my mouth watering, and I LOVE french onion soup.
Will have to try it out.


Hi Cathy,

Thanks for responding to my comments. It appears that I offended you by not agreeing with you entirely. Let me try again to express my take on Mimi's, hoping that if you disagree, you'll still find something in what I say worthy of respect.

I appreciate that, for the most part, you and I agree about the quality of the fare offered by Mimi's Cafe. However, and not to put to fine a point on it, I note that "good" food isn't always enough, especially if the place serving it draws attention to their affinity for - or expertise in - a particular cuisine.

If some menu items are simply adequate, say, the hamburgers at a Chinese restaurant, we don't mind, since that's not why we eat there. But Mimi's - according to their website - offers "...vibrant, New Orleans colors, jazzy art and bold fabrics ... to create visual excitement and a feeling of a Mardi Gras celebration in each restaurant!" Further, they serve, among other Cajun and Creole specialties: red bean and andouille sausage soup, "jambalaya" pasta, gumbo, various blackened proteins, bread pudding and Bananas Foster. Might as well be on Bourbon Street.

I don't think it's unreasonable hold Mimi's to the standard that they, by the choices they made in creating their space and their menu, suggested. And in so doing, as I mentioned before, I find the place lacking.

Bob Evans, on the other hand, rocks. I'll take their sausage gravy by the bucketful, and my cardiologist be damned.


Hey, JeffC- I didn't know you were a Zonie! Yes, muffins as appetizers are kind of perfect!
Hi TLB- Glad you are back on the happy side.
Do try it, Stephen. Even though it is a chain, the variety and quality is an example for others.
Oh, Omar...I wasn't offended. I like to eat food that others could not handle (Braunschweiger with onions and mustard on white bread is a good example). We can always disagree. Actually what I meant was that I knew better than to even mention the French Quarter/Cajun stuff, because I knew it wasn't authentic. I sort of try to steer people to what I ate is all and not do a complete "restaurant review" since that is not what the blog is about. This blog is just an open diary of what we ate and if we liked it or not. Yes, Mimi's does try to portray itself as 'authentic' and we both know it isn't, but I didn't even want to get into that. I think I will have to do a Bob Evans post on my next trip to Detroit. My physician would freak if he saw what I ate.


Hey Cathy,

Thanks for your kind comments.

Also, I dig the Braunschweiger with onions and mustard; you're a babe after my own heart!

Finally, I ate some fantastic penne bolognese tonight, at my favorite Italian place...the Italian station at the buffet at Barona! You just never know where you'll find the good stuff, do ya?

oxox Omar


Hi Cathy!

Excellent post! There's a Mimi's about 5 minutes away from where I live, so it is a good go to when CP and I don't know where to eat. And now after seeing the picture of that Banana's foster pie...I must have it!

Also, even tho I'm a HUGE fan of onion rings, you have to try the fries next time. The fry them just the way I like them - EXTRA crispy!

And I recommend trying Mimi's for breakfast. I had the pain perdu and coffee...all delicious! I even recently posted on my breakfast adventures on my blog, take a look!


Thanks for the review! It all looks so good. Coincidentally, I just came across the page on that ranks national sit-down chain restaurants, and Mimi's is one of them!,26086,1720887-3,00.html


Wow! That pie!


That is why we must try and report on all of our good food finds, Omar! You just never know.
Very cool blog, May. I know I have to do breakfast at Mimi's soon...
Thanks for the link, maidmoronbackwards. I just happened upon Mimi's because of a friend.
Hey, Sher- Yes! If you have paid attention you know I don't have chocolate cravings...this was a perfect dessert

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