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Wednesday, 12 March 2008



Hi PE - I'll leave the dumpling making to the Missus(when she comes out of retirement)....these pudgy Japanese hands are not worthy... ;o)

Hi Elmo - I'll try in the future.....after moving around and trying to time the photos, I was more worn out than my MIL...who made a couple hundred Jiaozi!

ed (from Yuma)

Great post. A friend who I sent a link to my Vampire taco post got back to me and all she wanted to talk about was the great chinese dumpling post. She was sooo impressed. I am too.


Hi Ed - It's a funny thing....the post consists of mostly photos, and a few observations....but I'm glad she enjoyed it.


The pictures blew me away, Kirk! I'm one of those bad Chinese people who use store-bought skins for mine! Being Cantonese, though, I never really learned the art of making jiaozi the way they should be.


Hi GF - Thanks for the kind words. I dunno, I'd probably use those store bought wrappers myself....luckily, I have my MIL.

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