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Thursday, 27 March 2008



Looks like an interesting pit stop. Wish there was joint like those closer to me but then again a drive to the in-laws up in NoHo would solve the problem ;-)


Look at the melted cheese and nicely grilled shrimp. A big slice of warm crusted bread would be great with that seafood caldo.


Thanks for covering off-the-beaten-path!


There may be a joint like this near you Bill, you just may drive by and not think twice. I am now stopping wherever...
Yes, the soup was great and would be a meal on its own...but oh that quesedilla, Carol....such a *deligthful* surprise.
Anytime, Trent...I try to, anyhow.


mmm, the quesadilla looks and sounds so good! I love those seafood cocktails too...


Oddly enough, food tastes better served from trucks. I love roach coaches.


I agree with Chubbypanda.
Cathy - Did you notice any hispanic businesses around the area?

Joseph E

Hi Cathy,
Good instincts this time. I love to see posts on new finds like this; that's real chowhounding.

The quesadilla sounds great; 15 good-sized shrimp should be 1/4 or even 1/3 pound (!); that's worth a couple bucks straight from the supermarket freezer. Not a bad deal, especially if they cooked it right. Was the shrimp still tender, or had it got a little too chewy from overcooking (as usual)?


yummy! Thanks for the two mexican blog entries. I always eye them with envy and try to imagine what great mexican food tastes like. It is somewhat hard to get in Australia ... and average tasting fare (with dried out rice or tired meat) is in a "themed" restaurant and costs about $19 + for a combo plate like one in your previous entry. *sigh*


Hi FOodhoe- I will be going back. Last summer I became obsessed with cocteles and ceviche. Once it warms up again, I will be there, although in this chilly weather, a nice bowl of soup may hit the spot also.
I do look at the Department of Health grade on the trucks,CP, but eat there even if it is a "C". It does just taste better...
Hi, Alex-there is a taco shop just up Redwood, but a Korean restaurant in the same lot the Truck is parked friends who live on Easy Street are Hispanic, but I haven't paid attention to their neighbors.
You just gave me the *best* compliment, ever, Joseph :) The shrimp were tender and juicy. Absolutely a perfect quesedilla. I came home and wrote Kirk about it immediately, I was so happy I found it.
I can accomodate you vicariously some more soon, Rachel. After bologging here for so long, I have noticed my food pattern is pretty much Mexican Taco Shop fare, or Mediterranean. I never had realised that about my eating habits previously, even though I love a great bowl of pho or 'some sort of food I can eat with chopsticks'. You do realise you get to live in Australia, though...

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