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Monday, 17 March 2008



Sound like you took one for the SD crowd. I have yet to run into a shop that sells lamb tacos but I'll make sure I try some if I do.


Hey Kirk, I stopped by here earlier today and went in just for a Jamaica to drink to check it out.

Regarding the lemon accoutrement: I have only been offered them once at El Parian in LA. It is probably the restaurant that ignited my love affair for Mexican cuisine. That said, I have not had a goat stew that comes anywhere near the level of this restaurant. El Parian is the quintessential Jaliscan Birreria - the food is of the state in which Guadalajara is capital so I wonder if these people are from there too.

Then again, maybe I am over thinking it and lemons were cheap this week?

Your comment about the layer of dust in there is something I have to definitely agree about.
Though the carrot escabeche looks delish!

I asked about the Pozole blanco - which I just had at Dona Maria in CV for the first time. The cashier said, "Creo que no le hacen" which I think translates to "I believe they don't make it." This strikes me as strange since you write that this place recently put up this sign.

Sorry to hear your meal was middling. If they can't do the birria well and they call themselves a Birreria - I'd have trouble returning as well.

On a related note, there is a "Dulceria" and Market on Fairmont st. just a few intersections south of University which advertises weekend only barbacoa de borrego. This may be worth checking out, but I will need to find people to help me tackle the half kilo or per pound orders.


The Food Court Musical was by a NYC group called Improv Everywhere that's been covered on This American Life. Their Slo-Mo Home Depot, Frozen Grand Central, No Pants 2k8, and No Shirts at Abercrombie and Fitch are also pretty good.


Sorry to hear the food was disappointing.
Thanks for posting that video here though, that gave me a very good laugh.
I've since the A&F video, and that was pretty funny too.


Hi Billy - I've passed this place sooooo many times, that I just had to try it!

Hi Alex - That sign has only been up for a couple of months.....weird. Who knows, maybe lemons were on sale...... Oh well, maybe someone will have a better experience. You mean to tell me you can't do a half kilo of Barbacoa? ;o)

Hi Trent - They really do a nice job....

Hi Stephen - For some reason, I really enjoyed that video....I loved the reactions as well.

Joseph E


I've seen lemons at a couple places in Yuma and Phoenix. I believe they are more common than limes in some parts of Sonora. Many latinos in Arizona are Sonoran.


Hi Joseph - Well, that may just be it.....

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