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Wednesday, 05 March 2008



Boy I'm craving for some Peruvian food and some of the pictures you have doesn't look so appetizing especially the color of the aji de gallina, it looks off.
Ever had seco with lamb? It's so deliciouso.


I hope they can work out the kinks :)


Maybe order a side of rice from Nieto's next door...? :)


Hopefully they work the kinks out by the time the grand opening comes up. I'm looking forward to trying out this place.


All needed to know was whether the lomo saltado was good. Apart from the rice, sounds like a thumbs up!


Hey, I used to live just a few blocks away from there! (Over in that whole network of streets named after mountains.) As I recall, there's a handful of little restaurants in that strip mall ... anyway, making a mental note to check this place out when next I'm in the old neighborhood.


"....and all the clientele looked Peruvian."

beats GPS.


Your post ionspired me to make Lomo Saltado last night. I've never had Peruvian food let alone cooked any, but the recipe looked so simple, I had to try it. It came out very tasty (can't go wrong with cumin, salt, pepper, and vinegar), it was extremely easy to make, and my rice was probably beter than Aji Seco's (perhaps they should rename it Arroz Seco). ;)

I don't know if it was authentic though. So I'll have to pay a visit. Our clientele were definitely NOT Peruvian though.


You know, seco means dry. So maybe they're just being honest and calling it "arrroz seco" :-}


Hey Kirk! I love alfajores! Lovely picture on the bottom of your post. When I was in Peru, my friends and I would walk almost nightly to E. Wong's to buy some from the bakery section. Ah, memories. Maybe we shouldn't go to Buga Korean... let's meet up for Peruvian!

Jorge Salas

Best peruvian vegan, vegetarian and raw cuisine in san diego!!!
Not a restuarant but the food is prepared at your place or you join a cool environment with pool and jacuzzi at chula vista
check it out
its super tasty and guesss what? Healthy too!!!!!!


Did you happen to notice if they'll be open for lunch? They're not too far from my office.


Hi Billy - Seco de Cordero is good stuff.

Hi Kat - I hope so too.

Hi Trent - I know that...maybe they should change their name? Seco when used for these type of dishes...are used to mean a "dry" stew - that would be with a good amount of "gravy"....

Hi Liz - Maybe you should check out Latin Chef as well?

Hi Elmo - The Missus enjoys the food!

Hi Mizducky - Yes, Thai Time III, Nieto's Taco Shop, El Pollo Loco....

Hey RONW - Right as always!

Hi Jan - Sounds ono!

Hi GF - Right now Latin Chef sounds good....

Hi SK - They are not open for lunch just yet....I'm hoping they will be soon. So far just Fri-Sunday.

Rafael Seminario

I went to Aji seco with my family almost 2 months ago and service was ok, same as food,but the only thing got me upset was the 10 soccer players arrived talking peruvian jergas such as "huevon", "concha tu m......",etc. I was totally embarassed with my wife's family that they are not peruvians. Of course I don't plan to go back.
I am sorry guys and good luck.
An upset customer

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