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Saturday, 15 March 2008



Hmmm...what would happen if you (or the Missus) reheated cumin lamb for lunch at work??? Hahaha...


Hi Liver - Before or after we get escorted to HR???? ;o)

cumin lamb

Have you tried the cumin lamb at Little Sheep? Dede's is pretty good but I think Lil Sheep is better. It has much stronger cumin taste and you can see the seeds everywhere.


Hi CL - Yes, we had the cumin lamb at Little Sheep:

We found the lamd to be tough, without enough lamb flavor(not gamey enough) and salt. Dede's uses cumin powder, that is why you don't see the seeds.


Costco needs to start selling the BIG spice containers of cumin.


Hi Jan - LOL! If they did, you'd sure be able to smell them from the entrance.... ;o)


I love dede's! My colleagues all adore the cumin lamb, its been spot on every time. I absolutely love the spicy shrimp and the fried fish there too. Mmmmm


Hi Jenny - Yes, Dede's does a good job on some dishes.

Jeff C

Kirk,I never really got into cumin lamb until a year ago when friends of ours from Beijing did a barbecue and had lamb with cumin. It was great. Opened my eyes on cumin as a seasoning. My wife has since done dry fried beef with cumin seasoning. Heavenly.
Hope you are having a great time traveling!


Hi Jeffrey - Thanks, we're waiting for our flight to LAX in Taipei at this moment. We had a wonderful time!

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