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Wednesday, 27 February 2008



Happy Birthday, Kirk!! Love the blog, I've been reading it now for years. The chicken wings in the picture look to be the 'crack' wings from Royal Mandarin - is that true? If so, I was wondering where the pancit and lumpia and (I don't know what the fourth item is) came from..? Did they also come from Royal Mandarin?

All the wonderful party dishes are making me hungry this morning - gee, can you tell?


Happy Birthday, Kirk! Looks like a wonderful party!


Happy Belated Birthday Kirk! you had a nice spread at your b-day party :)


happy birthday Kirk!! everything looks DELICIOSO. esp. the sisig...mmmm...


Happy Belated. Read your blog too early today and will have to have a early lunch.


Happy birthday! Glad you had fun.


Nice feast! And you're incredibly sharp for a six-thousand, eight-hundred and fifty-four year-old antediluvian.


Happy BB-Day, Kirk!

Wow! That pancit looks wonderful!!
I wish I had friends like your MG!

I love your "the Missus, who 'doesn't eat pork' comment. LOL! Too funny!


Happy B-Day old man!!!!
I can't believe you ate that pork dish I wouldn't blame you I would too. How could anyone resist!


Happy Birthday buddy! And what better way to celebrate than I love that stuff.


Happy Birthday! :D


Hau`oli Lā Hānau!


Happy Birthday Kirk!
Thanks for the great blog.
The food looks yummy. What are the 2 dishes after the lumpia? Looks good.


Hi Blizzardi - Thanks so much for the kind words. Since we were in the Eastlake area - the wings are from Mandarin Restaurant:

The other food(lumpia, pancit, empanadas) came from a friend of MG's Mom who does some catering side jobs!

Hi GF, Kat, Rob, Jenny, Darqrat, Liver - Thanks so I'm kinda embarassing about mentioning my B-Day!

Hi Penny - I'd have been happy with just the Sisig(and the Kaldereta)!

Hi Trent - LOL! Yep, they just hose off the Formaldehyde every morning, wind me up and off I go! ;o)

Hi Bri - MG and Her family are wonderful friends. The Missus kept telling us She didn't eat spoonful after spoonful of Sisig entered Her mouth!

Hi Billy - Yep, Sisig.....wonderful Sisig!

Hi Elmo - for Sisig, you and me both, man! This one was really good!

Hi Stephen - Thanks so much. After the lumpia is pancit bihon and empanadas.


Happy. Happy. Joy. Joy!
Happy Bird-day, Kirk! As the case of filipinos celebrating...anything, we usually go all out. Right!?!

On another note, since you mentioned that MG's mom does some side catering jobs, would you be able to provide a contact number for her? Her empanadas and shanghai lumpias look so onolicious! Does she take orders for 50 or more pieces? I'm so interested. I've been looking for someone who catered those two items for a while because the person I use to order from made so much money, she bought a brand new home in Otay Ranch. And that was the end of her catering sad, yah? Let me know.

Conching's sisig and kaldereta dishes are the BEST. They just do it right...all the time!


happy bday kirk! looks like you had a great time spent with good friends and of course, good food.

ain't no filipino partay without the staples - lumpia, chickenwings, pork in some shape or form (that sisig looks mouthwatering), empanadas and pancit. they even had chinese sausage on that too! yumm!

they got you with the karaoke, did they make you dance the ocho ocho? ha.


Wow you had A LOT of fun!!!!!!!! HAPPY BIRTHDAY!!! Wish you lots of health and joy :D



Your birthday meal seems to dare God to let you live another year!

Happy Birthday, man.


Happy Birthday! I want Lumpia!


Happy belated birthday, Kirk! It's been a very long time since I've been to a Filipino party with homemade food. Sure miss it.

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