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Sunday, 24 February 2008



what a great bahn mi comparison!


Geesh you seem to know how to ruin a person's appetite. Regardless I love Nem Chua! ;-) I like my bi in com tam not a big fan of bi in sandwich or in a rice paper wrap. Maybe its just me?

Wandering Chopsticks

Haha. Maybe the Missus liked the nem chua b/c of all the bi in it? Just tell her that the vinegar "cooks" the meat so it's OK to eat.


Another great food battle roundup! I haven't tried the pork skin banh mi, but I will definitely put it on my to-eat list.


Hey, Kirk! I'm enjoying the Missus' various obsessions. We're a lot alike that way. Great banh mi roundup and I have a love-hate relationship with nem chua. It's good, but after 1-2 pieces I have a lingering foul aftertaste on the back of my tongue. Ick. My boss brought some into work and the pungent flavor freaked some people out.


Yes nem chua is very very yummy. lol...poor Missus. It's okay to eat Beef Nem Chua, it's safer than pork =)


Hi Kat - This was all the Missus's work.

Hi Billy - Lucky me....I got to eat all the leftover Nem Chua!

Hi WC - The skin plays a definite part! The Missus understands the science part of Nem's the perception portion she is having problems with.

Hi Howie - Personally, I'd go for something else....but hey, if the Missus loves it....

Hi GF - Yep, there's a definite after taste.....

Hi YY - It's all good stuff!


Hi Kirk!

I agree with The Missus with regards to Saigon Sandwiches. It seemed like the pickle flavor overpowered the flavor of the Bi. However, Saigon Sandwiches also has the best egg rolls that I've had so far from a Vietnamese sandwich shop.

Next time, I shall try Cafe Dore!


Hi Fred - Try the Xiu Mai(meatball) Banh Mi at Saigon....I think it's the best version....most others put too much tomato sauce.


Mmmmmmm Another thing to add to my list of things to eat when I get to California. I love Nem Chua, but I have only tasted ones made by a friends mom. So tasty!


Hi Mills - So no Banh Mi in Germany?

Joseph E

Sorry I haven't commented in so long.

But I also went back to Cafe Dore after reading that post on Chowhound about Bahn Mi Bi. The sandwiches were even better than I had remembered. We have actually been going to Kim Chan more frequently, but I think Cafe Dore beats them, especially if you care about a place to sit down. And the bread is better too.

I've never tried Saigon Sandwiches; did you review it back in that big Bahn Mi retrospective? I don't recall. Now I will have to check it out, for those take-out days.


Hi Joseph - Welcome back! I hope fatherhood is suiting you well. I did the post on Saigon sandwiches after that round-up, here's the link:


Ngan Le

Hi to you all! I noticed that a lot of you love Nem Chua. I recently run a business named CO TU FOODS. We are probably the first (at least in Silicon Valley) to have license to make Nem Chua (beef and pork). I would like to send you samples. I assure you that our Nem Chua can beat any brands in the market right now. Call me if you are interested in our samples: 408-981-4503. Thank you

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