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Monday, 04 February 2008



ooh, have never tried chicken feet before. I think I would have enjoyed what you had instead.

Wandering Chopsticks

Hey Kirk,
Tell the missus my favorite chicken feet are at Mission 261. Plump, the skin and tendons slide off easily, and flavored with black bean sauce.


but wasn't the chicken using those fee?

"Triggering the Grand Irrationality?"

Cowering in an obscure corner of the food pyramid

somewhere between tofu and unflavored yogurt

contemplating the juxtaposition of intangibles for all you are worth.....


Ahh, I haven't had a good chicken foot in a long time. I love it when it just dissolves in your mouth.


I have to agree with your Missus, Kirk. Jasmine "usually" have the best chicken feet out of those 3 places, my favorite by far. Emerald is hit or miss. China Max, blah. When I get take-out from Jasmine, I usually get 3 orders, maybe 4, depending whether I've been dreaming about them. :-p


That's funny. I haven't eaten chicken feet in almost 10 years. The last time I did, I wasn't properly instructed. I just wouldn't believe that I was supposed to eat the teesy bit of meat off the bones. I figured they poached them until the bones were soft or something. So I didn't feel too smart after I crunched into one and ended up spitting out chicken bone shards.

But alas, I've been having a secret hankering for them recently. Must be something in the air. Guess it might be a good way to ring in the new year on Thursday. ;)


Happy New Year!

My mother-in-law make these yummy feet morsel. But it is a pain to do first you got to boil it and then deep fry it and then steam it again. I guess the boiling clean feet and deep frying it gives it flavor. Steaming I have no clue, give it more flavor?


Hi Kirk! Jasmine's are the best - I prowl the room to find the lady with the chicken feet cart! I tried steaming some pre-marinated ones from 99 Ranch but they are just not the same.

Jeff C

Haha, Kirk, I think the ones from Jasmine are the type I'm most used to. I remember when I was little, my dad kept telling me I was missing out. I would just look back at him in mute horror. Now that I'm older, I really did miss out.


I'm with the Missus. I love Jasmine's chicken feet. The tastiest footsies in town!
I've tried the footsies at 99 Ranch. Tell her don't bother with those as there's no taste. There's lots of skin but very bland. Ranch 99 also has some dim sum early on Saturday and Sunday. I like their Siu Mai...mmmmm.


....and now we know why the chicken crossed the street. Happy Mardi Gras.


Hi Kat - I agree with you....I like chicken feet, but it's too much work.

Hi WC - thanks for the rec....Mission 261 has been on our list for some time....which is just what I need so we can make it there...some time. ;o)

Hi Poetryman - Believe me when I say.....the chickens in question won't be missing their feet at all. LOL!

Hi Howie - Your description may just send the Missus over the edge....

Hi Carol - You "dream" about chicken feet????!!!

Hi Jan - Might be time....if you do choose to visit on Thursday....go early, it's going to be a zoo.

Hi Billy - Steaming in a nice broth, and in it's own juices......yum

Hi Candice - You prowl for chicken I've got to see that!

Hi Jeff - LOL! I think I would have felt the same way when I was a child as well.

Hi Shirley - Sometimes the stuff there scares me.....but it usually happens when I check it out in the afternoon.

Hi RONW - Hope you had a great Fat Tuesday!


I have tried to be adventurous, but chicken feet just left me with an odd feeling (and taste). I'll stick to the har gow's you had!


Hi Sharon - Yes, chicken feet are an aquired...ummm, texture!

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