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Thursday, 14 February 2008



Yummy - sounds like a decent shop for some decent Thai food.

I love Thai food especially when it's mildly hot. The ground chicken with Thai basil and rice is my favorite dish. Did I mention my in-laws live in N. Hollywood close to that famous Thai Temple?



Man that Budda comment was hilarious. I seriously called my brother into the room to show him the pic. Thanks Kirk!


That beef salad and larb look very promising! That's amazing that someone was able to eat a whole meal with one large chopstick!


Its good for the price, it doesn't taste amazing but for 5.95 you can't really complain much =).

They also gave free thai ice tea when we were there. hehe.


It redeemed itself after the pad see ew! That's a relief. For me, usually when the pad see ew is bad, everything else is too.


At first, I was scared that the Tara Thai chain from the Washington DC are had expanded out here, but from the looks of it, the two just happen to have similar names. While your post made me dubious about the quality, at the very least, paying $6 for mediocre thai food is better than paying $12 at some upscale abomination.


that chopsticks story is hilarious, albeit the diner must have been quite skilled. It's almost as bad as people who mistakenly ate a tamale without peeling off the corn husk wrapper.


I find it so difficult to find some decent all around Thai restaurant in SD. I've all but given up on finding something. I did really like that weekend food court at the Wat Thai Temple which you talked about in the past. If only we had something like that in SD!


I tried this spot for lunch a couple of days ago and just got a quick pad thai with shrimp for takeout...if I had known how bland it would be, I would've jolted it with condiments before leaving. There seriously was ZERO heat and very little flavor at all....they were generous with the shrimp, however.

Kirk - have you tried Bangkok Spices Thai in North Park on El Cajon blvd??? It is superb!


Hi Billy - This place is a bit inconsistant, but some of the dishes are pretty good.

Hi Ted - I'm glad you enjoyed seeing what Buddha ate at Thai by Tara!

Hi Howie - The Missus and I gave the Dude major props for sticking with the one choptick technique.

Hi Clayfu - Tara is very nice....She always gives me Thai Iced Tea when I'm waiting for take-out.

Hi Elmo - It won't set the culinary world on fire....but several dishes are pretty good, and for under 6 bucks....

Hi Hao - Someone I know ate at I think the Arlington location of Tara Thai....he called it Tara-ble Thai.... ;o)

Hi RONW - The Missus is still recovering from reading about eating that tamale.....

Hi Liz - Unfortunately, the neighborhood got tired of the traffic and parknig, and they had the Wat Thai weekend food court shut down. What a bummer....

Hi Pat - I agree, the Pad Thai was very seems that they havea problem with noodles dishes here. Bangkok Spices is in the queue, and coming up...though I wouldn't call my experiences as superb.

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