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Sunday, 03 February 2008



Spam with bacon.
Because the ingredients in "original" Spam are merely "pork and ham".
We bought the maximum of 8 cans at Marukai on Saturday.
The bacon flavor is not part of the sale price, yet still the regular price is less than anywhere else. I have concluded Marukai is the Trader Joe's of Asian markets.


Great minds think alike! Just the other day I posted something over on eGullet about watching how the competition shapes up between Marukai, Mitsuwa and Nijiya. (I also linked to your previous post here on mmm-yoso about Marukai.)

That is one hell of a nice store, is that Marukai. I'm definitely looking forward to adding it to my regular rotation.


Hi Cathy - Yes, spam with bacon...kind of completes the formula. I love that analogy...though I shopped at Marukai before I knew of the existance of TJ' is TJ's mu Marukai of Non-Asian Markets?

Hi Mizducky - Well...great minds do think alike! The prices are right at Marukai, and once I get to know the fishmongers, life is going to get better in the mmm-yoso household.In this type of competition, it's the customers who win. Now let me go read your post.

Wandering Chopsticks

Pocky 2 for $1? That's insane! I was at Mitsuwa recently and it was more than $1 for one so I didn't get any. Since when did Pocky get so pricey?


Wow, I haven't had dried squid in a long time (over 20 years). My mom used to cook it straight on the coils of the electric stove. Ah, good times.


do you guys have spam with cheese and spam with honey? Or is that an "old" flavor? I got photos of these and will be posting about it soon. :)


Wouldn't roasting dried squid make it even tougher?

BTW how are the ready to eat nigiri and sashimi prices compared to those in safeway or other american markets?


sure could buy a whole heap of spam for a single pound of Wagyu. Not that the Wagyu experience isn't priceless.


Hi WC - Don't day I turned around and the stuff was $1.39!

Hi Carol - Every once in a is quite addictive.

Hi Kat - I've seen Spam with Cheese....not quite sure about sound like more of a Spam expert than I am. I just like plain old Spam.

Hi Joe - Surprisingly, toasting or grilling develops a crisp exterior, and makes it easy to tear and eat...and it tastes better. As for prepared nigiri...I think it's a bit more expensive, and IMHO not as good. I stay away from the stuff.

Hi RONW - LOL! That would be a lot of Spam....but the bill for the angioplasty would be pretty high.


The Spam with Honey was a special version, released mainly in Chicago and New York, to coincide with the "Spam-A-Lot" show/play. It's not that tasty/can't really appreciate the honey-however, the Spam with cheese, just makes the!


Hi Cathy - Spam with cheese......what can I say.....


Not to hijack your excellent post, but I have a hopefully related question. I've been touring the "healthy" frozen yogurt shops around. Red Berry near Nijiya and Yogurt World up the street a bit. They both have a topping "mochi" and I'm trying for the life of me if it can be purchased the same way as it's presented at the yogurt places. Do you know?


Hi Daniel - Are you referring to those little balls made with what seems to be glutinous rice? If you are....I don't think I've seen those in stores....but perhaps someone has and can make a recommendation.

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