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Friday, 08 February 2008



Hi Kirk--

Lovely running into you and Candice at the Tet Festival! Yep, the nem chua was really something--what a wonderfully complex flavor and mouthfeel. I just did the inevitable Google thing to find out how they're made, and now I'm even more fascinated. All that sourness is just from the fermentation, with no additives? Wow. Pretty cool.

I hate to bum you out, but the banh khot stall finally did get their power issues dealt with--after you left. We got to sample the wares. Yummy stuff! The cooking utensils with little semispherical indents they make the crepes in are fascinating. Like the plates used for poaching eggs here in the States--or for making takoyaki in Japan? Anyway, they were really really good! Maybe you can sneak into the Festival early tomorrow morning before the crowds hit and get some of them. :-)

Love to hear how those other goodies you bought turned out.

Christine D.

The caption on the picture from the "nem chua" link said that "nem chua" makes you salivate...but my mouth STILL salivated by looking at your pictures! I am so jealous of you and the Missus right now ;D


Thanks for posting about the festival. I'm was debating whether to attend or not. But now I may have to attend just to try the banh khot and nem chua. :)


The food looks amazing! I just moved to San Diego so I've never attended the festival before. Hopefully I'll be able to pop over there on Sunday!


looks like a lot of good eats and fun!


I just got back from the festival. Lots of fun, but oh so tired!!! Thanks for the nice pic =)


Hi Mizducky - Candice sent me an email saying that the Banh Khot was worth waiting for! It was a real treat running into the both of you....I wish I was able to hang out a bit longer.

Hi Christine - Nem Chua will indeed make me salivate...I love the stuff.

Hi MScinda& Nicole - I hope you had a great time!

Hi Kat - It was.

Hi YY - I'm glad you enjoyed my photos!


Man I KNEW we shouldn't have passed on this. Gosh darn laziness!


Hi Jan - There's always next year!


hi kirk
we went to the fesival yesterday. at 10:30 most of the food booths weren't ready. turns out the water inspector was checking each booth so the vendors were not allowed to sell food. bummer. it took about 40 minutes for them to get up and running. we spoke to one guy with a walky talky (turns out, from looking at the festival program) that he was one of the main organizers. one of the booths got into trouble Saturday for selling food without the "approval" from the water inspector. That booth was either cited or fined or both. So, none of the booths that morning (except one, I spied that sold bbq sticks - cheaters!) were selling food until they got the go-ahead. we ended up killing time looking at booths and watching our daughter go on a few rides.

other than the food delay,i thought the festival was better at Balboa Park, there was a bit of variety with the food (the coconut waffles were so good - same booth that sold the banh kot) and very well staffed by the youth volunteers. they were all friendly and helpful. it was our 3rd festival and it seems to get better every year.

sorry, long comment!


Hi everyone,

I just want to thank everyone for their comments on our Waffles and Banh Khot at the Lunar Tet Festival. Your wonderful comments and interests in waffles kept us coming back to the tet festival for the past 3 years. See you next year!
For anyone who missed the waffles, we will be serving these same made to order crispy coconut waffles at our restaurant in Sorrento Food Court, at Pho Station.


Pho Station &
Waffles/Banh Khot Booth


Hi CC - Actually, I enjoyed the food last year better, though this year was no slouch...I did feel tings were a bit claustrophobic.

Hi Yumi - Yes, I think your waffles and Banh Khot was one of the "hits" of the fair. Keep up the great work.

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