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Monday, 18 February 2008



I was reading the text, and I scrolled down to your photos..nice shots! The desserts look so cute! You're post was informatively short and sweet, and I love your comment at the end!


Cathy, you're a woman after my own heart! I don't think I've ever tried tiramisu with marscapone. I'll have to pop over for some pastry after lunch one day.


Yum interesting tiramisu...


Yay this place got a post!!! This is where I get my cake for all occasion. Happy to see you're back Cathy.


hi cathy
welcome back! great post - i've always wanted to try that place whenever we've gone to nijiya. now i have a real reason to go!


I love your resolution, although, I must admit I'm more interested in the cake and coffee right now than the relaxation. And this place is close to my office! Perfect!


Hey, Jenn- Thanks for the compliment. I try to sort of get the general food part as well as be creative with my photos.
Hi, Carol-You will like it here; very high quality and freshness.
Bill- You would like it. Not at all sugared and you can taste teh coffee as well as cocoa as well as cheese and cake. The melding of flavors is wonderous!
Hi YY!!! Thanks so much for telling me to try the cakes here. I can see buying some for a special occasion.
Hello, CC- Thanks for noticing I was will like it here. Great, fresh and wonderful...and a nice reason for relaxing.
OK, PGS-we can all have our reasons for going here. I merely justified it in my head... :)


I am so glad you went and gave them a post, Cathy! I love this shop, everything I've tried is good--fresh and not overly sweet with true flavors. They're my go to for "a little something" when I'm in SD. It's a great relaxing spot for a break.


Hey there, Amy! I am glad you read the blog! This is a nice place to just relax and enjoy some great treats.


Have you tried the Korean-run Bakery and Cafe down the street on Convoy. It's next to a wedding dress shop and some kickboxing place. Their prices are kinda steep, but everything I've had there has been really good. What can I say, I have a weakness for rich, dark, chocolate. And they have good taste in music.


Hi, Hao- You mean the one next to Phuong Trang, right?
Yes, I have relaxed at that bakery and liked it, but it has been years. I remember the coffee cups being so delicate. I think I now will "have" to go back with my camera to do a post. Thanks for another excuse! I can so justify anything.


cake is looking sxcccccc oorite= i wants sum

Steven Jack

I read your blog & it is very nice.
I love coffee I must admit I'm more interested in the cake and coffee right now than the relaxation.thanks.


The cake here is exqusite, Steven. Thanks for reading the blog and commenting.


French cake is a really good idea and they do excel at it, but there is nothing like the real thing. You really should see if you can afford to visit France. Check out to see just how easy it would be.

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