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Sunday, 10 February 2008



wow, goat, never had it, looks interesting and delicious.


Oh...I love goat too! And rabbit! This all looks so tasty.


I've never had goat or rabbit. I'm also very uneducated in Vietnamese cuisine. These dishes, especially the De Nuong, looks good.


OH. MY. GAWD! That is so freakin' awesome. Jaw dropping awesome. Had no idea there was such a restaurant here. Although I knew Beach had an encyclopedic knowledge of Little Saigon, I'm still amazed. Thanks for sharing your outing with Beach -- He truly *IS* The Don of Little Saigon!


FYI - pho tau bay isn't good like it use to be anymore. I haven't been there for ages but Pho Kimmy is good, IMO. I need to take my dad to this de place you reviewed when he is in town. I think we would enjoy this place.



Oomigod kirk! This post has me salivating!!...esp the Oc Noi Hap La Chuoi - I've never seen anything like that before! I bet these dishes would baffle half the people in, to think what we're missing out on!


lol you know more goodies place in OC than I do. I always ended up in Favori or Phuoc Loc Tho.


Hi Kat - If you enjoy "wilder" flavors you'd like lamb.

Hi Alejandro - Yes, it's good stuff.

Hi Carol - We've learned to enjoy the variety of regional Vietnamese cuisines.

Hi Elmo - Yes, Beach really knows his way around!

Hi Billy - I tihnk we were going to Pho Tau Bay mainly for the Banh Xeo....but I'm kinda glad it didn't work out, because this was really good.

Hi Kathy - I'd bet money that there's something like it in just needs to be found.

Hi YY - LOL! If you only knew how much I love goat!

Judy Lee

have you guys tried com tam thuan kieu? if not, it's in garden grove and they have the most awesome broken rice. if youre ever in the area again, i'd recommend their broken rice specials!!!

14282 Brookhurst
Garden Grove 92843


Aww... I'm sorry I missed it. I noticed a missed call from Beach on my iPhone that Sunday. I was on the bike trails for a good part of the day and must not have heard it ring.

Mmm... Beer... I mean bear food. Yeah...

I gotta give Beach a call back.


Hi Judy - Beach did point out a few restaurants that made made good Com Tam course we were flying down the street at the I'll have to ask him later. Thanks for the recommendation!

Hi CP - Yes, Beach tried calling you....but we figured you'd be pooped from the work week!

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