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Thursday, 21 February 2008



Hi Kirk,

I've been craving duck for a while. Now you've got me wondering: what Asian restaurant or carry-out "does" the best duck in town, in your opinion? Not BBQ, but great roasted duck, full-flavored and crispy-skinned?

Thanks in advance..

Christine D.

mmm...I need to find a good egg noodle soup place around here or else I'll have to make it myself (doesn't sound too pretty, haha).

Ya know what? Earlier this week I went to Banh Cuon Tay Ho in Little Saigon and they had dry and tasteless cha lua too. What's up with that?


Oh man now I got to head back to NoHo and get the roast duck and rice dish but thai version. Its to die for literally considering how rich duck meat is when cooked correctly.


something about BBQ duck just doesn't sound right. Smoked duck I've tried.


Hi Omar - Roast duck can be a dicey thing in San Diego - I've found that most places are severely inconsistant. I guess Jasmine Express is probably the best. Golden City used to be pretty good, but our last few meals there have been disappointing.

Hi Christine - I dunno what's up...or is it down with the Cha Lua.

Hi Billy - Few things a wonderful as well prepared duck.

Hi RONW - Does sound strange, doesn't it?


ohh those look good! my favorite spot for duck noodle soup changed owners and it's just not the same... this reminds me that I need to find a new source!


Hi FH - Yes, sometimes some duck noodles is just the right thing.

PortaRickin Rick

Hey Kirk,

Wish I had the same experience. My wife and I just went for dinner and had the bbq pork egg noodle soup, roast duck egg noodle soup and roast duck over rice. I think there must have been some kind of a famine becuase that was the scrawniest duck I have ever seen. It was very greasy, boney and whatever meat we could find was pretty dry. Like you said, inconsistent. I had some of the best duck I've ever had at Quoc Te on University, aside from the one that I had at Golden City last summer. Hit or miss I guess.


Hi PRR - Really? I've been there many times, and it has always been pretty least worth the $6.

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