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Tuesday, 19 February 2008



Kirk, you are really causing my salivary glands to go into overdrive -- they are hurtin'!!! Hmmmm...I wonder why my complexion isn't like a baby's bottom...


I haven't been back there in a while so I'll have to check it out sometime. What's up with Chinese restaurants having different names in English and Chinese?


Hi Liver - Sounds like you need a loading dose of chilies! And here I thought high collagen meats were the way to go.....

Hi Liz - There probably were some business decisions for keeping the old name. This is common practice in the SGV. Spicy City has a better ring than Across the Bridge Garden.....I don't think many people other than Chinese would understand!


LoL - Better eat more chilly.


everything looks so good (well, except the feet, sorry!)


Please do tell if the spicy cold noodles were better as leftovers.


Chinese restaurants in the Bay Area are also notorious for having different names in English and in Chinese. Often, my mom has to give me a physical description of a restaurant in San Francisco because the Chinese name that my mom knows it by is nothing similar to the English name on the outside.

the office goat

Wow, I thought that "rare chicken" was pickled ginger the first time I glanced at the pic. I'm afraid that's a little more rare than I like my chicken. :-/


Hi Billy - Lots and lots of chili.....

Hi Kat - But the chicken feet was the hit of the meal! ;o)

Hi Jan - Not much....I think they forgot to cook the was very odd.

Hi Sandy - Some of those English names can be quite funny...I recall one that was something like Lovely Lovely Chinese....

Hi ToG - LOL! The hot broth is supposed to "cook" the chicken.


Does this place compare favorably in overall taste and quality to Ba Ren? Or are they too different to make a comparison ?


Hi TLB - They are similar but's my observations so far - I reserve the right to change my mind after more visits. Spicy City, uses less oil, and a lighter touch with various flavoring components (not as much garlic). Less Sichuan Peppercorn, but more vinegar, the food is not as spicy. It's not far! By all means check it out.


Ahhh, no wonder my complexion has been acting up lately...i haven't been getting my biweekly doses of SoCal sichuan food! ;)


I will.BTW, I'm from Portland and I enjoyed your blogging of your visit there.


Hi Kathy - Better hit them chilies!!! ;o)

Hi TLB - I hope you enjoy your meal. And without a doubt; Portland is one of my favorite cities.


Kirk were you there for "The Rain??" It's a bummer but it has many good things to recommend it.If you have plans to go back I have some recommendations for ye.


Hi Kirk!

i hope you didn't get sick from eating that chicken. it looked like it was still clucking.

btw HK takes bird flu very seriously. public service announcements on tv and informative flyers were everywhere when i was there. thank goodness we need only worry about west nile virus and killer bees here... ever plan on trying killer bee honey?


Hi TLB - I'll make sure to let you know next time I'm planning a trip.

Hi CSB - That photo was taken before the broth cooked the chicken. Bird flu does scare us a bit. Killer Bee honey??? Hmmmm......

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