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Thursday, 28 February 2008



Hi Kat - It did make for an interesting exprience.

Hi YY - It just seemed to be so over the top.

Hi Dave - LOL! #145 on the menu.

Hi Santos - Don't you? ;o)

Hi Stephen - Not so much a disaster, as much as very overwhelming.....

Hi RONW - I guess so.....

Hi TLB - So I've been told.... Try the cumin lamb at Dede's, they usually do a pretty good job - this was cooked under too low a heat.

Hi Jan - You're right, it does! I dunno what's going on.....

Hi Carol - Being firm, and knowing what you want, or even somewhat bossy is one thing....just plain outright rude is another.

Hi Billy - LOL! I guess not....

Hi misohappy - That's just not right...there's a reason we specifically order a dish.

Hi Rob - Sorry to bring on flashbacks...

Hi Howie - We both found it very a reinforcing negative stereotypes kind of way.

Hi WC - Ugh.....sounds like there's something in the water?

Hi DSF - I dunno, I can check for you.

Hi Indeed - I'd agree except for a few things, my wife and In-Laws are from China, they never act like those women...nor do any of the people I know who are from China. Living in the SGV for 5 years, I've seen my share of this type of behavior, but this was extremely rude. Of course coming from "extremely overpopulated, highly competitive on a very narrow path to achievement" sure doesn't seem to have an effect when you see these people in say....Carl's Jr! You'll notice that in this post, I made it a point not to compare....there are some things at Ba Ren that I don't care for - I found the most recent seasonal menu to not have too many items I was fond of. After trying 8 dishes here, not including apps, I think I'll give it a short rest......

Jeff C

I tried to get the recipe for pao jiao but my wife said that my grandmother wants me on a diet and she knows I like spicy stuff. So no go. I'll ask my aunt what is in hers but I don't think my grandmother imparted that to her either.
I'm sorry that Sichuan Garden was so disappointing. But at least you have one near you.

Jeff C

A comment on the way Chinese treat other Chinese in service and monetary transactions. Its not just in food ordering but in a lot of services. I think that they feel that if you want their money, they want every little bit out of you. I think thats why most Chinese restaurant service is so poor.


China didn't get it's history from being nice to each other.It has probably the most inhumane, horrific history of any country in the World.Being rude is the least of it.


lol, well Carl's Jr isn't "highly competitive".

Chinese are family-based, so your relations with in-laws generally tend to be good.

Chinese just tend to be really bad to Chinese. Go to China and live a few months or years and see.

China was the opposite like say, 30-40 years ago. Once it caught up to Late-Premier Deng's Open-Door Policy, China sort of became the dog eat dog, pollution capital of the world. Then again, pulling a billion people through the industrial age and modernization with no preparation is amazing.

BTW, I didn't mean you explicitly compared BaRen. I sort of assumed that you set your mental standards for the best of Sichuan cuisine to Ba Ren, which is why it seemed all the other Sichuan restaurants seemed lackluster to you from your posts.


Hi Jeff - That's too's like being a kid...if you couldn't get it from Mom, you'd go to Dad! ;o) I hope you get your recipe soon.

Hi TLB - Si Chuan Garden is not a "highly competetive" environment either. Also, I was speaking of how my wife, relatives, and friends, interact in the same situation as those ladies, not how they treat me. It is indeed an interesting time, we are witnessing an Industrial Revolution in real time. Anyway, let's get back to food, shall we? I do make an mental comparison to similar dishes I've had at other places, that create a mental baseline....from places like Oriental Pearl(RIP), Chungking, and yes, Ba Ren. Also, sorry, but I'll keep asking for your email in the comments section! LOL!


I checked out the new Spicy City I think a week or two ago. I didn't have such a good experience. I ordered some tofu dish and the tofu tasted really sour like it had gone bad. I had a stomachache later that night. I thought the service was very unprofessional even by Chinese restaurant standards. There were employees sleeping in the dining area and eating straight out of the cold starters cart. I actually miss the old style Husband and Wife too.


Hi Liz - That sleeping thing doesn't faze us much; I see it all the time in the SGV! ;o) But eating straight out of the appetizers very, very gross.

Anthony W

Hi, I just came across this... and I didn't realize that Spicy City had new owners. I'm definitely going to have to try out the "new" Spicy City but having loved the "old" Spicy City so much... does anyone know what happened to the previous owners? Did they open another restaurant some place else? I hope my shredded pork stomach with chili oil is still on the menu!


Hi AnthonyW - That seems to be the 64k question. I've received almost a dozen emails asking me the same thing. So far, I haven't a clue.

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