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Thursday, 28 February 2008



those last tables of customers should be slapped upside the head!


It's sad to say but Vietnamese too, Vietnamese too. Some can be very impatient. I've been through the chili situation before too. I used to work at this food togo place and this man ordered kung pao chicken and he came (3 hours later) asked for his money back because the chili in there were too spicy.


Chinese punishment medicine!
I will be sure to ask for this when i visit. haha.


so...are you saying the women feel empathy only in applebee's or chili's?!


don't answer that.


Wow, sounds like a disaster from beginning to end. Bummer


verily, every meal has a story. Subplots?


Having lived in China for a long time I can assure you empathy is non existent there.It's all selfishness all the time.It's sickening to see people laughing at dead people in the street like it's a funny T.V. show but thats China.


Man, that last dish looks like a moist sisig. Now I'm hungry.

Anyway, it's folks like that thatmake me happy to have a desk job. I've worked in plenty of restaurants, and it's amazing how many people think of themselves as royalty for the $20 they bring to the house.

Guests like that always had me moving a bit slower than I normally would have. Usually means they're lousy tippers too.


Boy, thankfully my Mom wasn't as rude as those ladies but she had her moments. Thank goodness she outgrew that when I started to do all the ordering. :)


That's real sad....not much to say here. I don't think I've ever been this rude but more concern about things happening to the food. Have these people not seen Waiter? ;-)


I recently went to Shanghai City and ordered the Scallops with Salt and Pepper, but they brought me fried squid instead. When I asked about it, they said wouldn't I like to try it. I said no and then they came back and said they were out of scallops. It sounds similar to your bait and switch experience.


I agree with Kat, customers like that should be slapped upside the head. I would even bet that they left a sub 15% tip...arghhhh...sorry...I waited on tables before...having flashbacks.


By the way, is there a full moon or something? What's wityh the hysterics?


That German customer cracks me up. Why do you go to a restaurant called Spicy City and order something with Chopped Hot Chili Pepper if you can't take spicy food? Sheesh!

The La Tzao La looks really tasty. This dish at Ba Ren is absolutely painful (but delicious).

Wandering Chopsticks

Oh man, that's awful. There's just no excuse for such bad behavior!


The cumin Lamb deal is a constant in the best kitchens of Chengdu(although it is a Uighur dish) and usually they are rather... sort of slimy from a quick stir fry...I have usually enjoyed this dish IF it has the cumin and a fair amount of Sichuan pepper...that makes it for me..

Wandering Chopsticks

Dude! I think Jan Frederick is right about the full moon or something. Right after I read your post, I had an incredibly rude shopping experience with a Chinese woman who yelled a stream of profanities in Chinese and then used the F word. Repeatedly. So much so that the other customers were shocked by her behavior. Sigh. What's wrong with people?


Anyone know where the previous owners have gone?



Chinese come from an "extremely overpopulated, highly competitive on a very narrow path to achievement" type society.

It seems all your Sichuan cuisine escapades have been some sort of disappointment one way or another...with the exception of Ba Ren.

BUT comparing anything with Ba Ren (in terms of Sichuan) makes it easier to pick out the failings of others.

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