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Wednesday, 13 February 2008



Waaah! Manju, manju! They all look so beautiful! There's one shop in the city similar to Hogetsu Bakery... I just might have to make a trip there this weekend! ^__^


Well, color me sad. EZ Take Out Burger was one of my favorite burger joints in this town. Guess I wasn't eating there enough and neither was everyone else.


question: even if beautiful, are the manju tasty Kirk? cause sometimes when fud is pretty-it doesn't taste so good.


Hi Kathy - Can't wait for the post - I hope you're keeping warm!

Hi Noromdiam - I don't think you're patronage, or lack thereof had any effect on EZ Take-Out. I think the entire chain has closed down.

Hi Penny - Well, if the Missus plows through an entire box of a dozen in a few days...... BTW, I'm glad you are well!


looks great, what a selection :)


That shopping center where EZ Take-Out is being renovated. There are going to be more shops/restaurants and a bigger and better Target (reopening around October). Also they're building some more places across the street (around the Marie Callender's.


OMG!!! I've lived in Paradise Hills for the last 20 years and this is the first I've heard of this bakery. Too bad my daughter is in Davis going to school. She loves Mochi. I'm gonna enjoy it for her this weekend. *&*
When she's home we usually go to Zion to buy her some mochi.
Thanks, Kirk!

White On Rice Couple

Nice desserts! We just came back from Little Tokyo (LA) today and bought a box of beautiful, multicolored mochi too!. But the ones you bought have so much more artistic detail. Thanks for another locale down South! We hope to go venture out there next month. All you info is perfect!


that manju simply too exquisite to eat them.


Hi Kat - Hogetsu is a nice little treasure here in San Diego.

Hi Jessica - Thanks for the info.

Hi Shirley - Hogetsu makes really good hand made manju. Nice folks too.

Hi WORC - Did you go to Fugetsu-Do? The folks at Hogetsu used to work at Fugetsu, many, many, years ago.

Hi RONW - Apparently the Missus didn't share the same opinion! They didn't last very long. ;o)

Jeffrey C

my wife and I developed quite a love of Japanese bakeries. When we visited Shinjuku and gone to the department store food halls, all we could do was ooh and ahhh over the beautiful manju and mochi. But lets also not forget the french style bakeries. Yummm yumm. You know what I loved about those places? They put little stamps on their boxes that said when the baked delicacies were still considered fresh. There was even a place to put dry ice to preserve it even more so. And this was in November when the air temp was in the 50's F.
Just love Japanese pastries.


Hi Jeffrey - You gotta love these little Mom and Pop places.



I am so envious when I see all these pictures of california. It is cold here in germany, although it has warmed up considerably now. I love the manju and can figure out where I can get such things here. They are absolutely gorgeous! :D WOW three days huh, if they were on my lap I am not sure I could restrain myself! :P

The Thang Thang name could be many things. It could mean noble, or ground without seeing the korean I can't guess much. Although when I was a kid my halmoni (grandmother) asked how much we loved her, and we said Hanuel (sky/heaven) Thang thang (to the ground...) :)

I am reading your blog althoughI do not comment much gotta change that. Gotta get with my blog is is lagging. :P


Hi Mills - It's so nice hearing from you....I had been wondering how things were going, since the move to Germany. Please do comment more often!


I will try! I missed yakking with you all :)

Freddie Freelance

Too bad about EZ Take-Out Burger, I never got to have a Boysenberry Shake... maybe they'll reopen after the Shopping Center renovation?

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