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Tuesday, 12 February 2008



Ah, those ABCDEs... I agree, they really serve a purpose and, sometimes, I crave Chinese food that's been a tad Americanized. The Missus' noodles looked fantastic!


Yes! Another salt pepper wing place to check out! I think my favorite is still at Golden Chopsticks, which I found thanks to you of course.


Golden Chopsticks wins hands-down on the SaltnPepper chicken wings. But Royal Mandarin wins for their Beef Chow Mein.

**NOTE: There was an email going around about Royal Mandarin this past Dec/Jan timeframe in regards to the health department closing them down for a while. Did you hear about that?


hi kirk, nice to see that you were in my neck of the woods. yes, that parking lot is crazy with the SWC students and people shopping over at (formerly Henry's) Otay Ranch Market and the neighboring stores like JNC Pinoy Foodmart, Yokozunas, etc.

their lunch specials are pretty decent and their wings are great. love those MSG crystals!

shirley - yes, around the end of december, Royal Mandarin was closed down. they had "VERMIN"!
one of my friends at there that week and came back the next week and saw the sign. they were open again soon after. ugh.


Hi GF - Yes, sometimes it hits the spot....

Hi Howie - Yep, more chicken wings!

Hi Shirley - I'd been informed of that email. I've had some problems with wing sogginess at GC recently....

Hi CC - Boy is that parking lot crazy! Royal Mandarin closed for almost 2 weeks...I dunno, I've eaten at a lot of places with 'C' ratings, and never had a problem....but have gotten severely ill at many of those supposedly wonderful and clean 'A' restaurants...BTW, I've noticed more than few "traps" at other restaurants as well.


I have yet to taste a decent spare rib with spicy salt it always comes out as pork chop with a horrible batter on it.

On a side note Chef Chen in Irvine make some deep fried pork rib morsel in a dark sauce that I think is good.YMMV


Hi Billy - Yes, I think they should just call it pork chop with spicy salt....many places do.

Brian Bautista

Hi Kirk, I recently read news of the owner of Mandarin Canton Chinese Restaurant was recently found dead in Tijuana. Was this one of his restaurants?

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