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Saturday, 23 February 2008



Cathy, if for whatever reason you find yourself at UCSD Medical Center in Hillcrest at 11:30pm (the cafeteria opens back up then), look for the chef with the ponytail and get into his breakfast burrito line. He will pack a tortilla so full of bacon, hash browns, and eggs (Sysco goodness as Kirk says), that it'll make you feel lucky to have an ICU and heart center upstairs.


is this a "what I ate for breakfast" post? Just kiddin.


Oh Cathy!
There is no Carl's Jr. here and no place to get an american style breakfast. I miss them terribly. I am totally loving these pictures! :D


The Mister loves that Carl's Jr. breakfast burger. Good thing he can't eat the whole thing cuz I usually take a couple of bites out of it.


Hey Cathy,

The Carl's Jr. Breakfast Burger is awesome. In fact, it's one of the reasons I added CKR to my stock portfolio. Then the stock tanked. Everyone should buy a Breakfast Burger, every day. Or two. Just until the stock recovers...


PS The Sourdough Breakfast Sandwich is also good, except that the bun is kind of tough. If you ask for the sandwich on a burger bun, they'll do it. But then the filling doesn't fill the bun. So the best way to go is to buy two Sourdough Breakfast Sandwiches and have them put it on one sesame seed bun.

Also, buy a large coffee. Please.

White On Rice Couple

Lol! Love this post and I've had everything here (many times) except for chic fil a. There aren't too many where I am, but will be on the lookout!


Oh, Liver, it sounds so wonderful- and convenient!
Hey, Ron...kind of, but not all at one sitting. Just a sort of compendium.
Thanks, milgwimper. I try to show the desireable aspects of the foods I eat...
Oh Carol, your hubby is *such* an amateur.
Buy low, sell high, know this. I will try to help you out though. I did not like the sourdough breakfast sandwich, in addition to the dryer bread, there were no potatoes!


Yeah well you definitely showed their desirability! I showed them to my husband and he said they were torture, but he did get upset when I switched to another page. :P


Hey, Cathy, I rather enjoyed that product review.


If everything or most of the fried food was fried in peanut oil like Chickfila then it would make there food 1/2 as good? ;-)

Talk about Carl's Jr heart attack morning.


Hey, milgwimper...Lots more torture where that came from. Let me know if you are angry with your husband, I'll make him squirm...
Thanks, Ron. It's more that I am extremely busy with work and life and stuff right now, so the posts are kind of short, just like my meals.


Hi, WORC- Sorry, we crossed posting and commenting. There are Chick Fil A's near you. We didn't get them in San Diego until a couple of years ago...check the website. They sort of blend in. I love their lemonade and unsweetend tea, as well as the regular chicken sandwich with lettuce and tomato.
Hey, Bill- We crossed with my posting and commenting also. I can tell the difference in the Chick Fil A flavor once they chnged to the 'healthier way of frying', so probably could tell if the other places also changed. But a larger burger with cheese, bacon and a fried egg with tater tots on that sesame seed bun...most likely would taste the saem..although I suppose I would have to do side by side comparisons... :)


Hi Cathy,

One other note: According to Men'sHealth (, "The 830-calorie Breakfast Burger is one of the worst breakfast sandwiches in America."

They obviously don't get the efficiency of a sandwich that includes a burger, an egg and some 'tots.



ahhh, all of my favorite ff breakfasts, except taco bell... but my favorite is the Chick-fil-A mini, which we don't really have here in SF/Bay Area. Delicious post!


Good thing I don't bother with reading anything with "Men" or "health" in the title, Omar. It tastes good is all I know...
Taco Bell...breakfast...?!!!???!!!!! thanks, foodhoe!


I can't quite bring myself to try the Carls Jr. breakfast burger, but I love Omar's comment about its effiency.

Are there any Taco Bell restaurants that serve breakfast? About 10 years ago, I used to get the breakfast burrito at the Taco Bell on Clairemont Mesa & Overland. I was so bummed out when they stopped serving it.


Oh is perfection in your hand...I get one every couple of weeks, and only when I am craving it...and it is *so* good. You may not be ready for lunch until later in the afternoon... If I find a taco Bell with breakfast, you will be the second one to know...I promise.

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