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Tuesday, 15 January 2008



You are king.


wow, definitely $1.25 can't beat the price :)

ed (from Yuma)

You hit the jackpot. Great looking tortillas.

Congrats on 1,000,000 visitors.


Hi Alex - is king! ;o)

Hi Kat - Without a doubt, a bargain.

Hi Ed - The tortillas, especially on the first visit were outstanding. Thanks for the congrats....much of the credit goes to You, Cathy, Vicky, and Omar.


I had an errand to run near Camino Ruiz in Mira Mesa just now. So I was originally going to pop into the R&B Filipino restaurant I mentioned in one of yuour recent blogs about sisig in National City:

But after reading this, I changed my mind and decided to get a langua burrito at Mexican Fiesta next door. I'd tried one a couple months back. Although it was decent, it was a little flavorless and rubbery. But I figured I'd see if anything else on the menu sparked an interest.

Looking at the menu, I just couldn't get my mind off the lengua so I tried it again. And this time it was wonderful. The endorphins are kicking right now. ¿Lengua para desayunos? ¿Por que no? ;)


Hi Jan - I've got to give you credit....I may have not gone back and tried something I didn't enjoy! I'm glad it was better the second time around. It just goes to show, sometimes it depends on who's cooking.


Au contrere. How many times did you go back to the place in National City? Anyway, I give you credit for pointing in in many of your posts that one visit may not do a place or item justice.
That being said, it's just as likely it could be bad again next time. But who knows? It's just nice that there is at least one place in Mira Mesa that isn't a chain.

Now all I need to do is check out that place near Bolsa on Mira Mesa blvd.


Oh, and to be fair, my first burrito waited quite a bit longer for consumption. And I think I'll taco next time right there in the store.

jeffrey C

Man, Kirk, just when I think I got one place in AZ thats ok then you show me this. The tacos had my stomach rumbling from the first jpeg file. Anyways, glad to know some people like to eat lengua.


Hi Jan - You know, I've got to check out RB soon...a co-worker's husband who works in the area said it's pretty good.

Hi Jeffrey - When lengua, or cabeza, is made right, the dish seems to capture the essense of beefiness. I'm sure there're a ton places that make good tacos in the's finding them that are sometimes difficult.

The Guilty Carnivore

I will have these tacos someday.


Hey GC - Give me a holler when you get into town...and we'll check 'em out together!


I love you.


Hi Chris - you mean El Compita, or mmm-yoso???



I've had lengua, cabeza and buche burritos!!

Not things I order regularly but each was a meaty and savory heaven.

I've settled on the cabeza as the king of all. Haven't any birria here in Norcal.


Hi Alf - To me good cabeza is like the enitre flavor of the bow condensed into one bite.

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