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Sunday, 20 January 2008



My friend (who works at Marukai) says they expect to be open by Wednesday. Then again, this is the same person who told me they would be open at the end of December...


Gosh, I hope you get a Marukai where you are soon!


Mmmm that video makes me hungry for Taiwanese food.

jeffrey c

That video is so funny. Ximending Ah Chung rice noodle. That was great. My wife took me there on a cold winter day and the noodles really hit the spot. There are lots of condiments that you can add to make it to your taste. It truly is a Taiwan specialty. Kirk if you're ever in Taiwan, you should check it out.


lol great video & poem =))) Thank you! Song Huong is also a good place for "rau ma," pennyworth drink. Their "nuoc mia" sugarcane drink is also good. I always order the pennyworth drink with no sugar, it's refreshing and healthy for your skin!

Christine D.

"at least she didn't give them 40 US dollars" hahaha

Funny video.


That's great if Chilango's is coming back. I'd much rather have them than yet another so-so sushi vendor.


Hi Hao - Thanks for the info. I wouldn't be surprised if they did a "soft opening"....that's what was done when Marukai opened in West Covina. It gives them time to get all processes working smoothly.

Hi Kat - We're pretty excited about it.

Hi Noromdiam - Neat video, eh?

Hi Jeffrey - When we go to Taiwan, believe me I'll be hitting you up for recommendations!

Hi YY - Yes, there's always people grabbing drinks there.

Hi Christine - I really did enjoy that video......

Hi SK - Oh yes, I'll welcome them back with open arms. Like we needed another cheap sushi and teriyaki joint in Hillcrest!


Great eye, I didn't notice that the chilangos sign was back. You're right, it would be wonderful to have them back, even if only for their delicious margaritas =)


Hey Kirk, I drove by Murakai last night and noticed that all the flyers were off the windows, lights were on, and shopping carts in front. I didn't see anyone in the store, or going in/coming out. Doesn't look too long before they're open!


Hi Lynnea - I'm glad they're returning.

Hi Carol - Sounds like they're getting ready...good!


I went by Marukai today and they are open! I guess they decided that they could open a week ahead of schedule.

At the moment, they are stocked with all the typical items one might find at a Japanese market. The fresh seafood section isn't stocked yet, but the sushi counter is up and running.

The parking in front of Marukai is horrendous, but one can park in the adjacent parking lot, the one with Tajima 2 and walk over.

Their posted hours are 9:30am to 10pm every day.


Hi Fred - Yes, looks like they went for a "soft opening". The Missus called me on Friday, and told me that it look like they opened, and I drove past that evening and saw people pushing shopping carts with groceries.

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