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Saturday, 05 January 2008



Hi Cathy! How was your New Year? Thanks for the post. I guess it's another new lunch stop for me =) The shrimp soup looks yummy. The picture reminds me of the Vietnamese hot and sour soup.


I think the Caldo Talapeño might be your first picture since its defining characteristic is chipotle {avocado and some bean} which I cant see if its present in the one you mention it being.

Is this place your favorite menudo spot in SD? I am looking for stellar interpretations of this dish.

Have you found any tomato and chipotle based albondigas?


Hello YY-The year is pretty good, so far...but not many days into it, yet. The shrimp soup is wonderfultasting, but a different spice than hot and sour-more rich tomato based. Palominos is a great place to eat.
Hi, again, Alex. You are correct and I changed the post, thanks. I do like the menudo at Palominos but have never had a 'craving' for it and am not certain what constitutes a stellar example. (I am the token White Girl on this blog and didn't grow up on menudo.) I had a tomato based albondigas at one of the stands inside the fruit/vegetable markets when they were in the Western Metal Supply building, before it became part of Petco. The market and purveyors have moved and I never found that albondigas again, but have not searched it out. Since I am downtown more often now, and it is the perfect weather, I will seek it out and let you (and everyone)know.

ed (from Yuma)

Nice post. I love Mexican soups.

It's funny, I just had caldito tlalpeno for the first time a couple of weeks ago.

The version I had used chick peas, not hominy, with avocado, cheese, and chicken. Wonderful chipotle accented broth.

Happy New Year!


That looks and sounds good. Can't really go wrong with soup on a cold rainy day.



Hey, ed! I just looked at the 2nd photo and asked The Mister and he said this last time (when I took the photo) there had been garbanzo beans also in the mix-but not on prior talapeño I changed the post. Thanks. I swear that you order, they find the correct broth and then toss in whatever is back there. It always tastes good. Never had cheese in a Mexican soup before, but that sounds very nice. By doing all this blogging, I have noticed my eating patterns more and apparently am very much a soup person...(opposed to being a salad person).
Hi, bill! Kirk and ed and I have blogged so many soups, but the majority have been pho. I thought I could be different...just this once ;)


Hours are 6 am to 10 am?? HOT DAMN!! I have a new after hours spot to hit up after a long night of boozing! =)

Looks like I might try to head down there for lunch today. Soup weather for sure!


10 p.m., yes, Denny- That is the sign on the door and on the take out menu. I suspect because those are the same hours for Giovanni's and the Coffee Bean and Tea Leaf, as well as the 24 hour Carl's, Jr. in the same parkng lot. Just remember it is really tight parking at lunchtime. If you see a spot on the street, grab it!


mmmm...that looks like some good soup! makes me feel like cooking, since I doubt I'll find anything so nice here in France. Recipes anyone? or perhaps there is there a special Mexican soup somewhere...


Bonjour, Emily! The recipes are a basic soup stock (chicken, beef, seafood) with leftover vegetables...and dry spices of marjoram and thyme, fresh garlic and cilantro...and a squeeze of lime. The chipotle chili can be bought canned for talapeno, as the hominy and chick peas are also found that way. I see you have been having soup for lunch and it looks good. I swear I have never actually made the same soup twice in my life. Recipes are just suggestions of ingredients to put together for me.

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