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Thursday, 03 January 2008



I am a great fan of Persian Food, though its only been in the last decade that I've seen more Persian Restaurants cropping up in San Diego. Bandar down in the Gaslamp was the first I knew of.

This place looks like its on the ball! The Polo Rice looks dead on right with the saffron garnish. I wondered if they prepare the rice in the traditional Persian way where it creates this delicious Yoghurt/Rice crust at the bottom of the cooking pot? I forget what it is called in Persian, but its such a lovely taste.

The Ash looked good. One might ask if they serve other kinds of Ash other than just Pomegranate. I have a recipe book just filled with pages and pages of Ash variations all with a fruit and meat combo.

Apricot, Lamb, and Raisin stew. Pear or Quince and Lamb, etc. I wonder If they'd do any of these different flavors.

All are based on sweet and sour combinations. Really interesting!

I'll see if I can try Soltan Banoo! It looks very authentic!

I'm excited to see the Zereshk Polo! Its very much like a version called 'Jeweled Rice' that is just a masterpiece among rice dishes, IMO. 'Jeweled Rice' has the barberries and cranberries but also has it with chicken, roasted almonds, roasted pistachios, and both gold raisins and sultanas.

Like most good Persian dishes, its sort of dessert AND dinner all at once. :-P


Hurray! I'm so glad you reviewed this little gem of a restaurant and enjoyed it. The owners (Mahin and her daughter) are delightfully nice, the food has some unique twists on Persian food (Zereshk Polo is generally quite tart and served without orange zest and cranberries) and the atmosphere is so welcoming.

If you ever go on a Friday or Saturday, make sure you try the Daily Special (Ghaliyeh Mahi) which is a tart/sour herb and fish stew with rice. I'm sad to say, it is much better than my homemade version.


Soltan Banoo is unusual among Persian restaurants because it serves more or less homestyle Persian food. For me, that is its downfall because no one can make homestyle Persian food like my mother-in-law! (It reminds me of a comment you posted long ago trying to explain why there aren't that many Laotian restaurants - every Laotian likes their mom's cooking the best!)

Many Persian dishes can be made either sweet or sour. Soltan Banoo tends toward the sweet. Personally, I prefer the sour.

ed (from Yuma)

Nice report. Looks like interesting food. I'm also amazed by the knowledgable comments by readers. This blog does attract those truly serious about food.


hehe, I am reading this now as we're waiting for our lunch delivery (pasta! :)...and now my stomach is growling and wishing it could have that dish of Gourmeh Sabzi...and the basmati rice! oh my...DROOL!


as always, great post. this is a restaurant i've always wanted to try and now i'm definitely going to go try this with my husband and friends.


Hi Bri - Let me know how you like Soltan Banoo.

Hi PGS - The Missus and I both agree, Mahin is such a warm and welcoming hostess. There prices are also quite reasonable.

Hi Liza - Just as I think that we need more Lao food - gotta get some of those Moms and Grandma's cooking for us, I think there's room to introduce good, hearty homestyle cuisines to everyone..... I hope you know how lucky you are to have access to excellent food! I wish I had my own MIL to make me great Persian food!

Hi Ed - I'm a bit surprised as well....always wondering who actually reads this stuff. It's nice hearing from everyone.....

Hi Kathy - LOL! That was a very good dish.

Hi CC - Thanks. Give Soltan Banoo a try....nice folks!


holy cow everything looks delicious, especially that boney lamb leg.


Hi FH - This little place does a nice job with certain dishes....nice folks too.

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