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Monday, 21 January 2008


Christine D.

Eeyah....for $3 I'd expect a lot more. I hope that they expand their menu to include more seafood dishes. Nha Trang is a very famous coastal town.


I'm probably wrong, but I thought the not-deep fried ones are called summer rolls and the deep fried ones are called spring rolls. Anywho, both dishes look great :)


I got the chance to visit Nha Trang during my trip to Vietnam and the sand and the beach are just beautiful. This will go on to my soon to visit list. Thanks for the post. They should give out a little more basil. I love basil!


I noticed this place a couple of weeks ago too on a trip to Asia Cafe. It's good to know that the pho is promising. I will definitely check it out soon.


Looks decent, but the spring roll is lacking "MEAT" and where is the peanut sauce.


These are the exact same spring rolls that I find in Paris (rouleau de Printemps). When you get them for take out they are wrapped in cellophane.

And the pho looks pretty Parisian too. Perhaps that means it is really Vietnamese! Good luck to them.


I don't think I've ever had pho meatballs that weren't tough and rubbery. Where can I get some that are otherwise?


Most pho meatballs are tough if the meatballs don't have enough tendon in it. Usually when I make my pho, I like to boil the meatballs in hot water for 3 minutes, then it will be more on a crunchy side and not so tough anymore. You can try to buy meatballs at Huy Ky Bakery. They distribute meatballs to restaurant and also sell them retail. Their meatballs are smaller than the regular size. The texture is not always the same though. But it's not too bad. Huy Ky Bakery is on corner of Chamoune Ave & University in City Heights.


Hi Christine - Yes, not worth the $3.

Hi Kat - Yes, you are correct...sort of. I usually go by the restaurant's description of the dish, and in San Diego, these are called spring rolls....they are more accurately Salad Rolls. Summer Rolls was something I used to see in Hawaii, and I see in a few Thai Restaurants.

Hi YY - Yes, more basil, and some Ngo Gai......Thanks for the tip on meatballs too!

Hi Howie - Yes, check it out, nice folks.

Hi Billy - They substituted Nuoc Mam......kinda threw me off as well.

Hi Emily - How looked Parisian....I like that!

Hi Jan - The good meatballs have a bit of "squeak" to them, and resist when you bite, but are not rock hard.

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