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Wednesday, 30 January 2008


ed (from Yuma)

Hate it when good places close.

I was one visit away from doing a post on a great family Mexican place south of Yuma on the border, but when friends and I arrived 3 weeks ago, it was closed.

Last week, I was back in the area, and the restaurant's sign was gone.

Hate it when that happens. But the McDonalds stay open forever.


I hate it when the places you are about to try, close up. Hope the replacement places will be worth it.


That is so sad. That looks like a good bowl of Mi.


where was that place in chula vista? i'd never heard of it.

glad to know that Captain Jack is still around! i was getting kind of worried!


man, the turnover rate of restaurants in SD is as bad as guam's!

ed (from Yuma)

I hope this Asmara is a reincarnation of the last one as it was my Ethiopian fave in SD


Hi Ed - That is always depressing. I'm hoping that Asmara will be as good as it once was.

Hi Kat - I hope so too!

Hi YY - It was pretty's to bad they couldn't hold out a bit longer.

Hi CC - On 3rd, in the strip mall across the street from Seafood City. And CJ said he'll be back soon.

Hi Santos - Is the turnover rate that bad in Guam? That's depressing....


Yup, it's sad. It's the location.


Thanks for letting us know about Captain Jack. I was worried about him.


Hi Koko - CJ is doing well, and hopefully returning to blogging soon.


now i know where that japanese place is. that's a sad and lonely strip mall.

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