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Sunday, 27 January 2008



Woohoo! I am so happy!


I'm so happy for you guys! I hope some of the unchecked stuff will be brought in soon! (crossing my fingers and toes)


so excited to hear about marukai's opening. thanks for all those pix -- i'm craving some of that stuff now...ONO!


cool! can't wait to check it out!


Woohoo! I'll have to find some time to pop over during lunch hour this week. That parking lot looked awfully small.


Yea, the Convoy grocery corridor expands, and we are all the better fed for it!


I'm excited about the opening too! I would be even more excited if they had a food court with a Beard Papa's like the OC location.


too bad about the one ton chips - i just had my brother bring some back last week after visiting our dad on the big island (he lives in honoka'a). i love those things!


Awww... I'm happy you finally got a Marukai. I've been taking mine for granted for too long.


Hi Keoki - I thought you'd enjoy this one!

Hi Kat - Thanks! I hope you're enjoying your vacation.

Hi Farrah - Double ono! It's about time, yeah?

Hi CC - Hope you enjoy checking it out.

Hi Carol - That parking lot is going to be horrors....

Hi Amy - I've been rather pleased with the new places popping up over the last year.

Hi Howie - I don't know....not much room...but one can always hope!

Hi Julie - i'm hoping they stock it soon, I usually pick mine up at either the Gardena or Costa Mesa location........pretty expensive though.

Hi CP -'s about time we get one.

Green Turtle

I went last night after stopping by Zion (weekday evenings really are the best time to go shopping at these places to avoid parking hassles and crowds). Shelves are quite sparsely stocked, but I anticipate all that will change after their grand-opening. When I went to pay, the cashier made no mention of a membership card, so either it's not in effect until after the grand-opening or the SD store won't require one.


Hi GT - There's the standard Marukai, "this is a membership market" sign at the front door, so I think that past Feb 1st, or maybe some other introductory date, the membership requirements will kick in. But who knows, Marukai Little Tokyo is non-membership, and the Pacific Market in Gardena requires membership only for sales items.


Hi Kirk,

Is Marukai like a Costco? Why do you need a membership to shop there?

By the way, you should check out Pho Hoa Hiep in Chula Vista. They just opened about 3 weeks ago.



I just made a lunch-time run to Marukai. The membership signs are on the window, although I didn't read them. When I asked the manager-type about membership, he said it's for the future, but no membership needed today. Now, the "future" may mean February 1, but I didn't ask.

Overall, the market seemed really small compared to the Gardena store. Then again, the Gardena store had everything under one roof while San Diego is spread out among three buildings.

They had a small selection of prepared foods such as kara-age and sushi. As Green Turtle said, some of the shelves were pretty sparse right now.

It was COLD inside the store - just like one big freezer case. Hopefully it will be warmer when they officially open tomorrow.

I'll probably wait awhile before my next visit after they iron out the kinks.


Hi Tammy - Yes, there is a membership - $10/year, or $1 for a single visit. I've got make some time to check out the new PHH.

Hi Sandy - I wouldn't expect the San Diego location of Marukai to even approach the size of the Gardena location...just as I wouldn't expect San Diego's Mitsuwa Marketplace to be as large, nor have the wonderful food court that the Torrance location does. The grand opening is supposed to happen on Feb if Marukai expects to make an impact, they should open on that day well stocked, and ready.


Nice! I need to head there once I get back into town. I have been trying to find saimin everywhere but am usually met with a questioning look. I tried some at a local restaurant = gross. Thanks!!

Cleo Provin

I'm so happy that you guys finally decided to opened up another store, & in my area.... WOW! Well, actually it could be the same amount of drive time for me as the Lawndale store. But, close enough! I live in Murrieta & hopefully it'll be a hop,skip, & a jump! Yay!! I can hardly wait to come drive down there & shop to my "Hawaiian hearts" content. I'll still be able to us my original Marukai card, right?


Hi Cleo - Yes, your Marukai card is valid at all Marukai's.


I was there the other day, and they are offering free memberships until May 31, plus 10% off the day you sign up!


Hi Jenne - Thanks for the info! It's really nice to hear from you as well.

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