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Tuesday, 08 January 2008



Holy Mole! Look at those tortillas on that last picture! They look amazing - I cant wait to hear about this place!

Only place that I have seen with comparable beauties is by the woman in the IA farmers market Guisaderia.

Great Post Kirk - I like the juxtapostition! I now know not to hit up that place when I am at the Library near by.

Re. Menudo - I asked Cathy for reccomendations after her caldo post but it doesnt suit her taste. Can you steer me toward some of your favorite renditions in town?


Have you tried the Filiberto's in Encinitas? The sign is the same, so I'm assuming it's the same owners.


I wish we had more Mexican food choices here...sigh.

ed (from Yuma)

Arriving last spring, Filiberto's has shown up in Yuma - different color scheme, but it is the same chain. Very different menu here without all the various taco choices (weird considering the Mexican/Mexican American population here). Oddly those unusual taco choices don't show up at their website.

Some foodie friends actually love the place, and Filiberto's are popular in Phoenix and other AZ locations. Supposedly the specialties are rolled tacos and carne asada burritos - Angus beef here done traditional SD style with guac and pico de gallo. Pollo asado = marinated chicken chunks with same accompaniments.


Hi Alex - I hope you got my email...menudo is by far one of my least favorite Mexican soups....but when it's done well!

Hi Vicki - I think Filibertos is a most are independently owned.

Hi Kat - And I wish we had more Japanese food choices here.....sigh....

Hi Ed - I'm guessing that the places are independently Owned - that's why I listed the location, so each one has mucho flexibility with the menu.....can you imagine this much flexibility at Micky D's???


They have a great Pollo Asado Nachos and a great cup of Champurrado. Otherwise its a letdown =P

Jeffrey C

Haha,Kirk, finally something from AZ making an inroads to CA. Having eaten at the Filiberto's in Gilbert, I can attest to the goodness of their carnitas. You should try the lengua in their burrito filling. A cut of meat that most people would find quite succulent if not for the fact that it is a muscle to facilitate cud chewing.

The Guilty Carnivore

Wow the tortillas in that "good" taco post look AMAZING.


Hi Clayfu - Thanks....that's kinda what I thought.

Hi Jeffrey - Sounds like you've got a "good" Filibertos in AZ. After doing a bit more research, I found the AZ page:

Seems you've lucked out, all locations are individually owned.

Hi GC - Those tortillas were indeed very good.


Hmm... I'm wondering if those last tacos/tortillas are from Las Cuatro Milpas... have heard so many good things about that place! Looking forward to your next post, Kirk!


Hi m - Welcome, and thanks for commenting! Nope, not LCM, which is a favorite of many in San Diego. Nice guess, though!


Hey Kirk, I'm a big fan of your blog and have been checking it out on and off for a few years now. It was thanks to you that I found some great Chinese noodle shops in SD, a common sight where I'm from but more rare down here in SD. I remembered that I read one of your posts about a noodleshop on Linda Vista (Ngoc Son or something like that) right across the street from this Filiberto's here - I was so surprised because I go to school near the area and I never noticed it! Anyways the place was decent, but I just wanted to let you know ownership has changed hands recently and a new Thai Restaurant has opened up in the old spot. I suggest you go by and try it out if you have a chance. I tried it for the first time today, and the food is pretty good, for the price. Meaning that it isn't the greatest Thai I have had in SD, but for the cheap price, it definitely satisfies. I had the green curry, which was excellently seasoned, though the veggies were a bit overcooked. And the pad thai is decent - the quality of the ingredients aren't great, but it is nicely flavored. But that's just my humble opinion. The owner is really nice and she told me that they've been open for about a week or so now. Check it out if you get the chance, I'd love to hear your opinion! And if you have any suggestions for any good Thai restaurants around, let me know!


Hi Noodle Fan - Welcome and thanks for the kind words. That location seems cursed....I hope this business will do well. Thanks so much for thinking of us, and letting us know. I'll make sure to check it out....heck, maybe this week! Much mahalo!


This place is the worst of the worst! We went though the drive thru and ordered CA burrito and super nachos. Waited at the window for 15 minutes ( no cars ahead of us) and when we got our food it was cold, muchie and rancid. The food seemed like it was an hour old. It was disgusting! After taking a couple of bites we decided that we should stop before we get sick. I called the manager/ owner Nadia and she was absolutely rude and in denial that her restaurant could produce such sicking food. If you want the SH%*TS the next day eat here. I emailed the Food and Health organization to investigate this place. People should not be exposed to food like this. It is a health hazard for the community and people could get seriously sick. Don't eat here, my husband is suffering today just from taking a few bites.

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