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Saturday, 26 January 2008


Wandering Chopsticks

Pink-buried and Cuy-potle!!! Too funny. How do you come up with this stuff? I have no suggestions, I'm evidently not the wordsmith here. :)


Hi, Kirk,

Thanks again for taking part in the Bertos-fest!

It's funny you mentioned about not having a CAB for a while because the very next day Micheleberto and I headed out to El Zarape and each ordered a Carne Asada Burrito.

I thought I would be sick of it too, but I think I ended up wanting a good CAB to wash out the taste of the not-so-good ones at the Battle. :-)


in la, there are a bunch of supermarkets and donut shops that were once a part of large chains. we have a theory that when someone buys out the store, it's too expensive to change the signage so they just change a couple of letters in the name; hence, vons becomes jons, moms, rons, and winchell's becomes michelle's, wendell's, mitchell's. we have a scheme for here on island to just take the idea of a nationally recognized chain, have the exact same menu (steal them from the real establishment if possible), just cross out a few items with a sharpie or add stickers that say "fried rice +$1" and then call the places ruben tuesdays, TGINM (thanks god it's not monday), CPK (chamorro pizza kitchen).

fries in a burrito? no!!


Pink-buried is hilarious! And, um, I'd probably buy it. Ooops.


wow, I have seen sandwiches with french fries in them, but never burritos! I love it, sounds delicious.

White On Rice Couple

OMG! Thats a massive amount of burritos, not to mention beans, then digestion, then ??? I'd have to spend lots of time outdoors before going back in. When we're down South, we'll have to hit this place up.


Hi WC - Sometimes I wonder myself.....

Hi Howie - That one hot sauce was heinous, wasn't it? I wanted to scrub my tongue! Thanks for inviting us, and putting up with our craziness. We had a blast!

Hi Santos - You gotta try a California might change your mind! I love Chamorro Pizza are a genious...a mad genius.

Hi Caroline - LOL! ;o)

Hi Sandy - You'll find California Burritos - carne asada and fries, at almost every taco shop in San Diego...and I've seen them in LA too.

Hi WORC - You forgot to put the "in" before digestion....we had carne asada oozing from our pores.


Holly cow I wish I was there to sample the berto' offering. I guess someone got to do the hard work.


The problem with many california burritos is that the fries aren't crispy or cooked well enough. They gotta be fresh! Las Brazas in Mission Hills used to be good. Haven't been in a while though. La Posta on Washington too.

Hey, you left out Albertacos up in Vista and Oceanside. Home of the world's slowest drive-through. ;)


Hi Jan - Haven't been to La Posta in a while......One of the ground rules for this event was, that all the shops needed to end in "berto's". El roberto's was amazingly 3 minutes, which is not a good thing either.

Hi Billy - No gain.


Just wanted to mention my favorite "-berto" shop... Analbertos. They have since changed the name, and I hate that I never got a pic of their sign.


Nice burrito showdown!

Here's a fitting video:


Hi Steve - I received an email letting me know about's hard to top...or is it bottom that. Such an unfortunate name!

Hi Denver - LOL! Tran-ta lize it.....


I think you said that I should start an Elmo-berto's! And I'm in for cuy-potle! But only if it your logo includes a guinea pig in a sombrero, eating a burrito made with the meat of its brothers.


Hey Elmo - Elmo-berto's...has a ring to it...but that visual of a cuy eating itself...ummm, perhaps is a bit too close to Canni-berto's? ;o)

Alice Q. Foodie

Noooo - Analbertos? I refuse to believe it without evidence. I do love your idea for Pink Buried though. ;-)


Hi Alice - LOL! I had someone tell me about Analberto's via email as well. Too bad it's gone...I would've made sure to check it out....I wonder what the carne asada tasted like?

a real superman

The First Robertos is in National City on Highland Ave. When the first opened my Brother who was working for QRS Signs helped put up their sign, a reworked Denny sign. They wanted to note that Highland is the flagship of Robertos. So they added the "Numero Uno" at the end of the day. My Brother Jay Diaz Glued the "Numero Uno" on both sides of the sign where they are to this day.


Hi ARS - That's a neat story.


Me and one of my friends used to always joke around in San Diego and say we are going to open a Q berto's or a Ernie and Berto's in mockery of all the synonymous names there.

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