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Thursday, 17 January 2008



Wow! all that great food and for really cheap too. Love it :)


nice post on the pinche putos! i have a friend who makes her puto out of bisquick. i haven't made them myself because i don't have a steamer.

we passed by eddels last month when shopping at vinh hung. i thought i'll have to try their stuff one day. i haven't really tried cebuano food so it's something we plan to try next time we're in the area. as always, an informative post!


Now I'm jealous! How I wish we have such restaurant here. Yes, we do have one in the city, the only Filipino restaurant in Holland, but I never liked their food.I'm surprised it still exist. (now I'm sounding not too nice, sorry )
Oh yes, please do take some photos and of course do a review of their kambing caldereta..

Hi Kirk! :-)


Oh man, and to think I shop here at least twice a week and rarely go to Eddels. I guess I'm too obsessed with cooking my own stuff. But I'll definitely get my lunch on here next week.


FYI, Bicolano, not Cebuano, cuisine is known for its use of chili peppers.


Hey Kirk! I'll have to pop over and try the Caldereta for lunch sometime. The puto looks good. Those are great prices.


Hey Kirk -

Thanks for all the great posts. If it weren't for you I would never have discovered Sakura, my favorite.

I am working with Jade Theater on their Grand Opening. Don't know how else to reach you, other than posting here and I wanted to invite you to the party. Drop me a line if you're interested. Thanks.


Hi Kat - It is very reasonable.

Hi CC - I'm not very familiar with Cebuano food either.....

Hi Thess - Caldereta, one of my favorite things in the world.

Hi Jan - I still have to make it to RB.

Hi Ed - Thanks for the info, the only Bicolano dish I know of is Bicol Express, which is good stuff. I went by the info I got from someone I I did some quick research and interestingly enough - sili + Cebuano comes up with these 2 hits:

Hi Carol - I don't think they have the Caldereta all the time...I've only seen it there once.

Hi Indra - Thanks so much for the kind words.....I'm truly humbled by your invitation, but just knowing that our little blog was of some help to you will be enough for me. I like the interesting menu, and perhaps the Missus and I will check Jade Theater out once they open up for ourselves. Thanks again for being so thoughtful!


Hahahaha...the title of this post got a definite guffaw out of looks good. BTW, been to Lima in Tarzana? I'm getting ready to post about it, you may be interested.



Hey Alejandro - Happy New Year! Nope, we haven't been to Lima in Tarzana, I'm looking forward to your post!

the office goat

How does the BBQ compare to Tita's? Eddels is close enough to us that I'm hoping we might not have to make the long trek down to Tita's just to get good, cheap filipino BBQ.


Hi ToG - I think Tita's is still better - the BBQ is sweeter than Tita's, and the pork is in my opinion better than the chicken. It's only $4.99 for 2 items and a starch, so it may be worth your while if you're in the area. Cheaper than some of the Pho in the area.


Hi Kirk. I just went to Eddel's yesterday evening and discovered that new management took over and it's undergoing some renovations. They're planning to re-open on 8/8/09, but they looked like they're behind schedule. The new restaurant is called Chibugan. I hope they have puto and bibingkas too!


Hi Toshiko - Thanks so much for the update and thinking of us. We'll be sure to check it out!

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