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Monday, 07 January 2008



i can't do the irish/british breakfasts anywhere except ireland+the uk. just don't lead the sort of lifestyle in california where i'll need those kajillion calories to keep warm, burn off, or like, heft up.

when i was in college, i used to go to the farmer's market at third+fairfax at 7am for my morning coffee, and every day the same half dozen folk were already seated at the bar adjacent to the belgian waffle place, first beer already in hand. hardcore!


Hard for me to consider it an an Irish breakfast without potatoe bread or soda bread. Fried french bread (if that what it is under the black pudding)is a poor substitute.


In England i had so much egg, irish bacon, roasted tomato, potatoes and beans. Haha.


I haven't ever had an Irish breakfast but it sounds like it has potential! I'm gonna have to check it out, fried breads - my favorite!


Hi santos - Man, I'd have to attempt a few caber tosses and some sprints to burn this off if I ate it everyday......

Hi Scott - I was expecting soda bread as well.

Hi Clayfu - What, no black pudding?? ;o)

Hi FH - Good luck, I'm sure you'll find many places up your way.

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