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Sunday, 13 January 2008



i never know there was a da kine's @ liberty station...i'll have to stop by next time i go. we used to go the the one in PB, but parking was't great...then we found mo's.
i'll definitely go check this one out and try that linguica burger.


I went to the Liberty Station DaKines a few weeks ago and had the same experience.

I was lost and found myself wandering around trying to find the place and the BBQ chicken plate I ordered was also extremely dry. And rich, eh. I couldn't help I was eating day-old leftovers based on how dry the rice and chicken were.


I got lost too! After a long run near Pt Loma, I wanted to replenish at Da Kine's. I ended up wandering the NTC for half an hour with aching legs before finding it.

Agreed on the BBQ chicken - mine wasn't well marinated and seemed to be sitting out a while.

But I did enjoy the kalua pork and a simple grilled mahi.


I suppose if I was in the neighborhood and was dying for some plate lunch, I *might* pop in. But I'd would most likely just drive a little further to Leilani's in Serra Mesa. Or take the long way home by Mo's. This says a lot since I was such a huge Da Kine's fan many years ago.


Excellent post! I'm from Hawaii as well.



Just curious... what are your favorite Trader Joes items Kirk?


I haven't heard the term "wop your jaws" in ages!


Hi Farrah - Check it out, and let me know how you liked it.

Hi Darlene - Yes, the chicken is obviously reheated.....L&L does the same thing as well. Dry rice is a no-no.

Hi Howie - The kalua pork and cabbage was decent, lots of pork, not much cabbage...moist as well. Perhaps a bit short on flavor but not bad.

Hi Carol - Hmmm, Leilani's....haven't been in a while. I think I need to have a rice fix.

Hi Keane - Love your site! Thanks for visiting.

Hi Ted - Actually, I usually pick up stuff for the Missus, like eggs, she likes the energy drinks, sometimes some cheese....I like some of the canned vegetables(canned corn), they come in handy, and are part of our "disaster kit". Oh yeah, the Missus likes the packaged panang curry, which I think is heinous.......

Hi Kat - I feel so embarrassed everytime I need to say that.....


I frequent this place about once a month on Sundays. It's great, I think. The chicken katsu is always good. My wife is not fond of the mahi-mahi. I had the teriyaki chicken on Sunday; it was all right, but not my favorite.

I agree with the assessment of the macaroni salad. It's phenomenal! I think they should sell it by the pound.

Uh, is Leilani's open?


Hi Klug - If you enjoy a greater breading to meat ratio on your katsu, than Da Kine is for you. Their Teri Chicken is pretty much underflavored, and seems like it has been lying around for a while..... Last time I checked Leilani's in Serra Mesa was open - but only Tues-Fri. I haven't checked on the PB location.


Good Katsu, macaroni was good since i don't enjoy mayo that much but this i like. Didn't have the saimin that day, guess, i have to go back.


Hi Didi - On further visits it seems that katsu is the way to go here.

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