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Thursday, 31 January 2008



I've been meaning to try this place for some time now. My friend helped the owners launch this restaurant and designed their crawdaddys logo.

I hope the food won't be mushy for me!


I also have to factor in babysitting fees $10 an hour when calculating opporunity cost of eating out!


opportunity cost! this is why i don't try as many new places. 'why try x if i know y is so good?'. i also admire the fact that you give places a second chance. i would never do that. that's why i love your blog!


Luckily for us, you've done the legwork to help us calculate the opportunity cost. This place looks promising, but I think I might try Crab Hut first.


Seems like a decent shop. The fried catfish looks good.


RIP Jamillah Garden. It was always good when we went there.

Thanks for linking my blog, Kirk!


I have never tried deep fried okra, since I don't think anywhere in Hawaii serves this (I could be wrong) will have to try making this!


hahah LMAO!
first of all i LOVE this post- not only because i recently had some seafood/cajun plates but because i'm taking Econ too right now and the same type of thinking has been running through my mind lately. For some reason, Econ just doesn't run smoothly in my head (bummer i'm dying in the class) but yah! great pics !


I've never tried fried Okra, sounds delicious, the pictures make it all look really good. I'm waiting for Mr. K to boil our crabs right now, might run over and throw some zataran boil mix in for a bit of the cajun kick...


Hi Dennis - Let me know how you liked it! The shrimp were pretty good, but they cooked the bejesus out of the crawfish.

Hi SK - Not to mention the gas!!! ;o)

Hi Dave - I know, it's very easy to go with what is known and dependable.....this blogging thing has really made me get out there are try stuff. Thanks, as always for the kind words and encouragement.

Hi Howie - Yes, check them both out....similar menu, but very different.

Hi Billy - I dunno, not bad, but not that good either.....

Hi GF - It's my pleasure. Funny thing, we used to complain about how inconsistent the food was at Jamillah Garden, and even New Shanghai before that...could be the curse of this location.

Hi Kat - We love okra.....though many don't.

Hi Momo - Oh my...good luck with the class. I remember having problems getting my "head around the theories" as well.

Hi Sandy - Deep fried okra is really good, when prepared well. Crunchy crust, soft and creamy interior....


Fried okra! Nice, I'm from Oklahoma and we get it all the time there, but I didn't know there was a place to get it in SD. Thanks, I love your blog.


Hi Jason - There are a few restaurants in San Diego that do deep fried okra.


I tried the shrimp and I think it lacked flavor so we asked for more sauce. The crawfish places in Orange County are waaaay better than this place. It doesn't even compare but they do have other things on the menu.

I did enjoy the shrimp toast. When we asked for crab they said they were sold out from last night which was a total lie because no one was there the night before (we peaked in before heading to tajamas)

I heard this place is for sale too. Maybe business isn't picking up.


Hi Jen - I think that CrabHut does a better job. I understand that this place had been for sale even before they opened.


um jen...wut night were u there???saturday...? u sed it was empty? saturday was packed with like 100 people...some and lights flashing...


I dunno but things seem really different now. I think the place was on a learning curve back then but now the boils are excellent, lots of flavor and spiced perfectly. I had the king crab legs with spicy cajun/garlic butter combo and it was soooo good! then we had the beignets and banana foster for dessert (oink oink), oh my goodness! i really think they're better than crab hut if not for the superior service alone. When i went it was pretty busy too so it looks like whatever wrinkles they started out with have been smoothed out and business has picked up as a result.


Hi Annie - Sounds great.....we'll give them another try when we have the chance. I thought the flavor of the boil was good, but the cooking technique was not.

Joe Nguyen

these guys stole crawdaddy's name from san jose, CA. I smell a lawsuit.

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