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Thursday, 24 January 2008


White On Rice Couple

Reading through post and looking at the close ups of your food make us hungry and more interested in trying out Viet food down south! You're expectations of Bun Cha Hanoi are like ours- noodles must be plump, meat must have fat in it and the sauce should be flavorful. But everything else looked good...thanks for a great meal!


After having bun cha hanoi so much it's hard not to be to critical, like what WORC said I agree.


Thanks for the post. I've been here a couple times and wasn't blown away. I prefer Viet Cali to the west. Although Viet Cali's dac biet has meatballs. I am not a huge fan. And I think they skimped on the tendon last time (I'm tempted to get tendon only sometimes).


I think the best item at Bolsa is the pho ga - BUT - you have to ask for dark meat chicken. Did the Missus get the bowl of sauce with the pho ga?

I haven't been impressed with Bolsa lately, but I can't remember what I actually ordered. I think the beef pho is better at Lucky Seafood or Ca Dao, which are close by.

A friend likes the catfish soup at Bolsa.


we were at bolsa last month. i really liked their chargrilled beef with rice dish. it was way better than the version i had today at the newly opened pho hiep grill (they opened 3 weeks ago, according to their owner) on telegraph. we liked the service at bolsa. my husband had the chicken pho and thought it was just okay - nothing great.

we ended up going to bolsa because the wait was too long at pho hoa calli across the street.


I remember when I was in college their Pho Ga used to be good. I don't know what went wrong after a while =( One of the best Pho Ga that I've ate from them was when they still have their store on University, near Cafe Dore.


Hi WORC - I love that monniker BTW. For bun cha, you need to get all the components just right!

Hi Billy - Ditto!

Hi Jan - After trying the Dac Biet, I usually know what kind of meat any Pho place does well. How much does a bowl cost at Viet Cali, now?

Hi Sandy - My favorite in the area is Lucky! The Missus didn't receive any sauce with her Pho Ga...service was quite nice though.

Hi CC - I look forward to reading about Pho Hoa Hiep on Telegraph Canyon.....

Hi YY - Wow, I didn't know they had a shop on University...I know about the Convoy location...which I know you're very familiar with.


=)Yes they had one on University and it got burned down =( The one on Convoy I only went there when they first open for a few times. I didn't order Pho. I have my special Pho place so I rarely order Pho any where else. I order "chow-fun" and I thought it was a little bit sweet for me. I also had their "canh bun," I don't know how to translate it. It almost like "bun rieu" the crab based vermicelli soup. The first time was good, then a few other visits it got saltier. I think if they didn't have "employee" issue at the Convoy location then their food can be better.


$6.45 large. But my number 3 (no meatballs) is $6.10 for a large.

Man, in college (I went to San Jose State), what was it? $3 to $3.50 for pho and .99 for Banh Mi?


Hi Jan - You won't believe this, but people in Hawaii sometimes pay like $4 for a Banh Mi.....

Hi YY - On the visit to Bolsaa, I got major sodium overload from the Pho......


Hi Kirk,
Just want to comment on Bolssa. Many years ago, when they first opened, I took my mom there since we live in the area. I had the pho and mom ordered fried rice (I think it was the combination one.) I remembered it the fried rice being good. It came out hot off the wok, smelled good and just the right taste. Not sure if it is still the same.
By the way, haven't you and the missus tried the Sichuan place next to Bolssa?


Hi Nicole - You mean China Chef, correct? Here's my post.

On of the former cooks from Dede's - if you enjoyed Dede's, you'll enjoy China Chef - don't forget the Cumin Lamb.


Hey Kirk... your Missus is right about making your own pho ga. We tried our own and while it didn't match my mother's, it turned out ok. It was also really easy to make. I almost never have it at restos b/c I worry about being disappointed.


Hi GF - I hear ya'....which is exactly why we don't usually order Pho Ga...but the Owner told us, it was the specialty of the house.

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