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Wednesday, 02 January 2008



Happy New Years Kirk! The corn and pine nuts dish looks AMAZING - I've never seen anything like it! Heck, it doesn't even strike me as an Asian dish, though delicious nonetheless!! :) hehe, I like that bit on all the egg wonder so rich! =)

Jeffrey C

Happy New Year Kirk and send my well wishes to the Missus too.
Hope you have been having a nice holidays.
After eating at Yunnan Gardens, and Chong Qing, I can really appreciate how good Ba Ren is. I think that what is great, is their willingness to showcase dishes that we usually don't see.
I admit I am now totally addicted to "pao jiao" style dishes. I've been trying to find recipes but they are elusive. None in the Fuschia Dunlop book but hopefully I'll ask my wife to check out chinese sites.
Take care Kirk,Kathy, Ed and all the others on MMM-Yoso. May your New Year be as delicious and fun as you have made it for us this past year.

jeffrey c

Sorry I meant Cathy, though I will say Happy New YEars to everyone who posts comments regularly here too.


It's OK, Jeffrey- I have been called and told I "look like" a Cathy/Kathy/Catherine/Kathleen/Cindy/Sherry/Cherry and Sandy. I have also been told I have red hair and blue eyes (blonde and green, BTW). In any case, I answer to anything, wherever I am and thank you for your good wishes. Right back at you, too!


That deep fried corn dish intrigues me. I had no idea Ba Ren "experiments"...that is awesome. I don't know of any Chinese restaurants that does that here.


Hi Kathy - It does kinda look out of place, doesn't it? Very tasty though!

Hi Jeffrey - Happy New Year! I hope your trip went well. Let me know if you find any good recipes.

Hey Cathy - LOL! There are a few people at work who still spell my name K-U-R-T, and I've been there for almost 8 years!

Hi Elmo - Yes, there are 3-4 "seasonal" menus a year, and some of the "good experiments" end up on the menu. I think there are restaurants in the SGV that do this, it's just a matter of having someone who can decipher what's on the walls/placard!


What an interesting feast! You are lucky to have such an exciting restaurant, I'm jealous. I've never had duck tongues, sounds a little offputting... I tried duck feet once and didn't like it much.


Hi FH - LOL! I kinda like duck feet, but don't think I'll want duck tongue again.

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