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Monday, 28 January 2008



Hi Kirk!
Awww man, I miss these great deal you get on Asian food in SoCal...we've got so much variety here in NYC, but I must admit a slight pang of homesickness for my two years in SoCal every time you post! :)


I didn't know Korean had dumplings too I thought all this time it was just bbq, cold noodles, and tofu. I guess every Asian culture has some sort of influences on one another. Sounds like a great mom's shop to visit.

Jessica H

I love mandu. Arirang down here has some pretty good mandu.

I may have to make a drive there just to try them. Any idea what time they close?

Wandering Chopsticks

Hey Kirk, What a coincidence! I just had king-sized mandu soup this weekend. Best mandu I've ever had at a Korean restaurant. I was gonna put up my post some time in the next few days. :)



I love homemade mandu too and my aunt makes some pretty killer kim chi mandu.

I still have half a zip lock bag full. I think I need to make a trip to the North Shore to replenish my stock!

I never had wang mandu, but seeing it here makes me want to try a recipe that I got from a friend many years ago.


i may have to go up and try that place out. considering they have fish cake soup and dduk bok ki i wonder if they make the dduk bok di with the fish cake soup--my fave--with that particular fried mando in it...holy cow, i'm craving it now.

btw, costco hawaii has those wonton chips in the huge jugs. i always end up buying a jug when we go back. i forget how much it is though.

thanks again for the yummy blog


Mmmm! That looks really yummy! Now I've got a hankering for mandu. Luckily, I don't have to go very far to get me some.


How did I miss that OC Weekly article?! I'm usually on top of Gustavo's finds.


Not the most photogenic? Uh...I'm going to go ahead and disagree with you there. those look sooooo tasty!!! I'm about to lick my screen.


I'm glad you were able to find the place, looks delicious!


Oooo, I think I was drooling while reading your post, Kirk. Maybe Anna wants to move to San Diego? Those fried mandu looks heavenly.


In my experience, the more simple your means of travel, the more exciting and rewarding the entire trip will be.


Hi Kathy - Really? I'm somewhat envious of the variety you have in NY!

Hi Billy - Oooh mandu is good stuff!

Hi Jessica - I've found mandu in San Diego to be pretty mediocre, so I've just stopped ordering it...though on your advice, I'll check it out next time I'm there! Thanks for the recommendation.

Hi WC - It's something new for me as well....I never these existed.

Hi Reid - Hopefully, I'll see the results soon!

Hi Farrah - I'm sure they'll make it for you.....

Hi Jenn - LOL! Not too far at are so lucky!

Hi Elmo - Check it out when you have a chance...the Owner is very, very nice.

Hi Jan - Those were the best fried mandu I've had in a very, very long time.

Hi Kat - Yes, it was worth the effort....

Hi Carol - How's your Korean? Maybe we'll be able to convince her? ;o)

Hi WT - Not quite sure what to make of your comment....for the sake of your comment, does this mean if I walked the 90 miles for my mandu, instead of driving I'd enjoy it more???? I'm sure I'd be thankful...but probably just for being alive....

White On Rice Couple

We've seen this place a gazillion times, but have never stopped in. There's so many cool Korean food finds along GGblvd. We'll stop by there this week, for sure!


Sigh. That sounds like a wonderful place! Now I'm going to have that stuck in my mind for days........!


Hi WORC - Nice home made dumplings....

Hi Sher - Pretty good stuff, the lady running the place is so very nice.


Oh man... I let the team down! =( Thanks for picking up the slack, Kirk. Now I've gotta follow in your footsteps and give Anna's Mondu a try.


Hi CP - You never let the team down.....


Hey, I'm a teenage Korean gal, and I say Mondu rocks! And kimchee, and rice. Sheesh, it looks so weird when you write it! It sounds a lot more natural to say it. uh... my mom just buys frozen mondu from korean grocerys, and just fries em up. Yum! Now I'm hungry. ;)


Hi Laura - Welcome....and Mandu does...ummm, rock! ;o)

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