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Wednesday, 12 December 2007



It's unfortunate, but it was only a matter of time before that Da Kine's closed. That particular location is not very kind to restaurants, with all the competition nearby and it being slightly off the beaten path.

My dad would say that that location has "bad fung sui."


I took your little test and the Donut Game is correct! I am a Boston Creme-Tough on the exterior: no one wants to mess with me, yet inside a total pushover and completely soft. A traditionalist who does not change easily... I (do)like the same donut every day and pout if it is sold out...My favorite flavor is a French Crueller...mindless; thanks.


hahha...omg, I am totally eating a chocolate covered yeasted donut as I write have the best food timing ever! :)


I'm just like Cathy, a Boston cream donut. Mmmm...donut


I'm a caramel crunch. It is kinda true about me, but I don't like caramel =)


aww too bad about da kines in miramesa. but i am such a regular at mo's that i probably aided in the closure of da kines up there. so sad, they even know what i'm gonna order every time i come in...even when i call in they ask, "is this farrah" geez!


i just realized how pidgin that ^^^^ sounded...LOL



I was a glazed donut...which actually happens to be my favorite kind. I like the ones at Kam Bakery. Mmmmmm!


I'm also a glazed donut - sigh, how boring...


Ah come on, you know it's all YOUR fault the place closed. ;)

Just kidding. Kind of hard to make a go of it in that location for sure. But I have seen large crowds of high schoolers in there before. I guess they were to close to Da Kitchen and L&L.


Every time I was at Da Kine's in Mira Mesa, there were very few customers so I'm not too surprised that it closed. We almost went there last week but ended up at L&L.

I admit that I've been going to Mo's (formerly Da Kitchen) because it's closer to home and I can get two meals out of one plate lunch! So I'll share part of the blame for Da Kine's demise :-)


hey kirk!
I'm going to Lotus of Siam next week, is it everything everyone claims it to be?

Should i just let the waiter bring the specials?

ah i am excited! =)


Hi Fred - That's too bad. I think there's a lot of competition in the area as well.

Hi Cathy - You think the game's accurate????

Hi Kathy - Like I always say...great minds! So what kind of donut are you?

Hi Carol - Well, no wonder you are 2 of my favorite people in the world!

Hi YY - Hmmmm, I'm wondering what a caramel crunch is like?

Hi Farrah - That's too funny, you're a regular! And you're starting in on pidgin......

Hi Reid - Yes, an old fashioned glazed is my favorite as well.

Hi Ed - I had aspired to be a glazed donut!

Hi Jan - LOL! I rather enjoyed my last visit to Da Kine's in Mira Mesa.

Hi Sandy - I guess the combination of location and competition did them in.

Hi Clayfu - We've visited LOS at least 5 times, though not in several years, and have always enjoyed our meals there. Stick with stuff from the Lanna/Issan menu, get the Nam Kao Tod appetizer(though I think Asia Cafe makes a better version of a similar dish), and since you're a wine fanatic they've got a very interesting wine list. The catfish we had wasn't on the menu at the time, and was served with a tamarind glaze, we also had a duck breast dish that wasn't on the menu, and served with an excellent mint sauce.


yum! can't wait =) thanks for the suggestions.


My pleasure Clayfu -You won't have an existential food orgasm....but the food is very good.


oh kirk...
i'm actually from hawaii (kaneohe) but i rarely talk pidgin.

i hope that one day you'll get to taste some conchings sisig -- it's a nice amount of sour, but not that much heat (i'd love more heat). i'm craving some right now!

Little Miss Contrary

Just checked out the link for Lotus of Siam--the best Thai in the US is a pretty big statement. I must check it out when I go to Vegas with my family this winter. Happy Holidays!


Hi Farrah - Some Sisig does sound really good right now.....

Hi LMCC - Don't know about best Thai in the US, as I haven't had Thia in every city in the US. I will say, that I've always had good meals at LOS, and there's no place in San Diego that even comes close. LOS has a pretty storied history.


hehe, am also a boston creme...great minds do think alike! :)


Hi Kathy - So's the Missus.......weird!

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