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Thursday, 06 December 2007



ooh, I got daikon in the refrig...I think I hear Bahn Mi calling...


LoL are you full yet?
Funny I had banh mi xi mai for the last 2 days thanks to the wife. I think I am done with banh mi for the month. Pho sounds like an idea I think I will make some this weekend.


I shop at the Asian market in this strip mall a couple times a month. Everytime I am there, I stop in Van Hoa for a Dac Biet banh mi. I've tried the meatball banh mi before and didn't care for the fishy tomato sauce. Last week I tried Saigon Deli and loved their dac biet banh mi. Their bread wasn't the best I've had but everything else was close to perfect. I loved the pate and the amount of pickled vegetables and there was a slice of cucumber in it. I've only been to a few sandwhich shops in San Diego but Saigon Deli is my favorite so far. I have yet to try the pho in San Diego due to not wanting to eat alone, but hopefully I will find eating companions in 2008.

Passionate Eater

Hi Kirk! I miss you, the Missus, and the Boyz! Sorry I haven't been commenting lately, but that doesn't mean that I didn't read every Peru entry 5 times! I hope all is well in San Diego. Looks like you are still visiting great banh mi places--with the exception of that tomato sauce. Eek!


Hi Kat - I hope it turned out well.

Hi Billy - It is Pho weather, isn't it?

Hi Mscinda - You should check out Cafe Dore, right next door to Saigon Sandwiches, they make Banh Mi as well.

Hi PE - Happy holidays! I hope things are going well in The Big Easy!


A good Banh Mi buddy is worth his weight is separately packaged pickled vegetables. =)


Hi CP - Nothing like a kindred soul......

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