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Sunday, 16 December 2007



Oh, I so wanted to go, ed. We had an emergency. Next year, though. As part of the annual 'tradition'. All the ones you picked look and sound so good, except, maybe, the Chernobyl one... :)


Hey Ed - So how many tamales did you consume? I'm impressed. I guess you won't be in the mood for tamales when you visit, huh? ;o)


You're killing me, Ed! Wish I could have been there.


they should travel the nation. Seriously.

ed (from Yuma)

Cathy - yeh come next year. The local paper reported over 5,000 attendees, so it will happen again. What's worse, I didn't even get a taste of the tamal selected as the festival's best. None (that I tried) was truly too spicy.

Kirk, you saw what I ate though I must admit that I did not finish each tamal I got. I was supposed to go with friends (they had an emergency too), and then we could have cut tamales up and sampled more, but . . . hey, what can you do?

RONW, Carol, glad you liked the post. Now I gotta get an angioplasty so I can do this again :-)


Oh wow, Ohhh Ahhhh, heaven. I love tamales especially the queso con rellenos chilly .


Wow those tamales are delicious. I could eat tamales everyday... infact I'm eatting some for lunch today!


Oh my God! Perfect weather---and this? You have everything! It's not fair!!!!!!


So thanks for the post. I love stuff like this because it makes lightbulbs pop off in my head. I'll be making a batch of tamales this weekend. Woo hoo!

ed (from Yuma)

jan, sher, liz - the tamales were good, far better than any restaurant ones I've had, and in fact, better than most any others I've tasted. After I listened to someone explain how to make tamales, I decided that it was WAY too hard.

There are times that I think I moved here mostly for the Mexican food.


Hey there. The tamales worked out great. I used a rice paddle to spread the masa and the assembly went fairly quickly. I guess the only really tricky part was setting up a steamer to steam them all. Fortunately, I have a huge stock pot from my beer brewing days. That and a collander and a small steam basket that served as a riser. Mmmm....delicious pork tamales.

But I'm still planning to go to the festival next year. ;)

Ann Walker

Ed, always love your posts ... would you consider doing a taco wagon tour for Yuma Visitors Bureau one day (that's where I work; think we'd have a lot of interest).

ed (from Yuma)

Glad that the tamales came out good, Jan.

A taco wagon tour might be interesting - but a lot of the wagons would be overwhelmed by a large crowd. Basically an informal tour was what I did when Kirk came visiting, but it was also impromptu; we just went to where things were open. An actual announced tour would take planning and work.


Ready For the Third annual Tamale Festival its going to be Dic 19,2009 for 11am-10pm.come join us again this year more fun and more vendors this year.

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