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Wednesday, 05 December 2007


Stephen Chiang

If you're ever in Huntington Beach again try Fuji Burger (on Gothard near Edinger next to the Armstrong Garden store and Cocos). Their teriyaki burger great and it is one of the best burger joints around. Also Mario's Fiesta Maya on Beach near Talbert(used to be a hole in the wall deli attached to a liquor store where Subway now sits) has a really good carnitas burrito.


Nice little review. Regarding Fuji Burger - the sauce is very mild and tasty but I would like to see more MEAT otherwise double the patty and top it off with bacon and avocado would be very filling.


Taco rice??????! Now I know what I'm going to try for Monday Night Football. ;)

Mama Penguin

Isn't taco rice something that originated in Okinawa? Anyway, it sounds real ono.


Hi Stephen - Welcome, and thanks for suggestions.

Hi Billy - Having to add bacon, avocado, and another burger is not quite a shining recommendation.

Hi Jan - Well let me know how it turns out.

Hi MP - You're probably right....but I'd never heard of it before. That kid really was chowing it down.Smelled great too...though it's not quite the fragrances I associate with Japanese food.


What can you say I'm a carnivore.
The teri avo burger is the classic. My wife loves it. I guess I'm just use to the Fuddruckers 2/3lbs medium rare. I will attempt the 1lbs eventually.

Stephen Chiang

Re: Fuji. Yeah, the only complaint my wife and I have are the smallish burgers. It's no $6 burger, but you can always buy 2 and they're damn tasty.


Taco Rice - very, very popular here in Okinawa. Some say it was supposedly "invented" here.


Dude. Taco meat? Holy geez. That sounds crazy enough to try myself!


Hi Billy - I guess you are.....

Hi Stephen - Well good enough....I'll make sure to add it to my list!

Hi Nate - What a trip....I'm wondering who invented it?

Hi Elmo - If you check it out, let me know how it tastes.


Taco Rice
So last night was takoraisu night. I perused the internet for ideas on Monday and quickly realized that there is no "correct" way to prepare taco rice. Then again, how hard is it to put taco filling on top of rice?

I used Lawry's taco seasoning and fried up some ground beef for the filling. From what I understand, beef isn't used as often as ground pork in Okinawa. I guess they don't have as much pastureland as, say, Iowa (or huge amounts of corn for that matter).

The layer order differed from recipe to recipe. One recipe even called for mixing the beef with the rice. But I'm a rice whore and so I left it pristine.

I used large Chinese soup bowls and topped the rice with the beef, shredded iceberg, grated cheddar, large tomato chunks (easier to handle with chopsticks), La Victoria salsa, and a dollop of sour cream. My avocado wasn't ripe yet, so I had to leave it out (dang!).

Before I tell you how good it was, let me qualify my comments with the fact that my wife and I are bowl food fiends. We just love having a bowl of whatever. And if it involves rice, all the better. That being said, my wife turned up her nose at the idea when I told her what we were having during Monday Night Football. We're not rabid fanatics or anything, we just like the excitement and the excuse to eat stuff in bowls in front of the TV.

This stuff is fantastic! It's a delight to pick at. From the crunch of the lettuce to the beef and rice and tangy spicy salsa, it all goes well together. I'm by no means a chopstick pro, but this dish had me up on my game. My buddy from Hong Kong would have been proud.

Anyway, I have a feeling we'll be having a repeat performance for the Chargers game next Sunday.

Thanks Kirk!


Hey Jan - Thanks so much for sharing!!!! Your descriptions make me want to have some for dinner tonight.

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