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Thursday, 13 December 2007



My sister and I had the same meal a couple days ago, but at Buga instead. They have the same side dishes too. I love their rice noodle. The meat we got was too thin and fatty. Nevertheless, I really enjoyed it. One of my best Korean BBQ meal.


Must be Korean BBQ week. The Mister and I are going to Buga on Sunday.

A 24/7 K-BBQ place, yeah, that's my kind of place!

ed (from Yuma)

Funny. Didn't know you were a cowgirl too. A colleague of mine and her husband (a horse roper) were there as well.

And looks like good Korean bbq.


I love korean bbq, and I want some of the fried dumplings now... wow it's open 24 hours too!


Great ROI!


Sometimes, I just really *want* Korean BBQ, YY and this day was one of those. It was extremely good food, and I think I may need a "fix" at Buga soon. The panchan (side dishes) were really complimentary to the marinade on the meats on this day. It was great.
Yes, Carol- sometimes we all get into those 'craving' moods...I had a major one for ceviche this past summer...Vegas-24/7 and cheaper at 6 a.m.! Bibimbap!
Ah, ed, I am not just the geeky blogger who is also a dorky nerd...I love the athletes, too...:)
The dumplings were particularly good, Sandy. I love Las Vegas.
It was a wonderful ROI, Bill...and part of my fun two days away from home...

Professor Salt

Aw, hell. I was in Vegas this week, too. Would've been cool to meet up with you & Missuz.

Place looks good, though. That part of Vegas has really built out with lots of new restaurants in the past few years.

Cathy's me, Cathy, PS...sorry for any confusion. It was a girls weekend in Las Vegas. I would have met up with you too, though. I love this area and will explore further the next time I go.


We just came back from Vegas and tried this Korean BBQ. You were right, it was really yummy. Good pick :)


Hi, Liz-I am so glad you liked it! It's neat I could make a recommendation...All of the menu looked great and I may have to explore it further. Soon.

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