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Monday, 17 December 2007



Yum! I love Korean BBQ! Luckily we have lots of all you can eat Korean BBQ in LA for under $20/person. I just can't get enough galbi.


ooh yakiniku! love it :) I should make up a batch of bulgogi soon!


Hi Kirk,
I'm so glad you posted about Korean BBQ. I was just thinking about trying it when I returned from Texas. It looks yummy. :) Happy Holidays to you and the family.


the reference about the absence of goodies on top of Big Boy Bob's plate of shaved ice is so...cute!


Thanks my stomach is rumbling. Nice meaty pictures. I might need to head back to Anjin asap.


Buga is my favorite Korean BBQ. I found their prices to be just a tad higher than Korea House but Buga's meat is a higher quality. Well worth the difference. They also serve more panchan.

Love the picture of "Bob". I love shaved ice but even I can't imagine eating it right now in our "cold" weather, hehe.


Did you notice that the Yelper who disliked Tsuruhashi has subtitled his own profile, "Cheap Bastard"?
BTW, have you been to the Korean Meat Market that opened up next to Dae Jang Keum? I got some thin-sliced duck breast for tabletop grilling, which was good.
The butcher said that they were getting black goat, and I'm hoping that they'll start carrying more items and improving the meat quality next door.


Ay! I totally swooooooned upon the sight of the miso marinated beef tongue! :)


Hi Eileen - There are some pretty good Korean BBQ buffets in LA like Manna.

Hi Kat - I can't wait to see.

Hi Mscinda - Thanks so much! I hope you enjoy your holidays as well.

Hi Joanna - Thanks....that was the first thing that came to mind when I saw "Bob".

Hi Billy - mmmmm red meat!!!!

Hi Carol - Buga does have a nice variety of panchan, and it changes from day to day.

Hi Trent - No I really didn't check out more than the "review", which was funny enough as is. I've browsed through the Korean Meat Market, since I'm in the area quite often. I'll probably pick up my next batch of meat for kalbi from them...and black goat if they have it. Like I mentioned in my previous post, I hope they do well.

Hi Kathy - That miso marinated tongue is a favorite of the Missus.


That beef Tongue looks so tender and well flavored I can taste it!

How does Japanese BBQ compared to Korean? Is it less flavored (no marinade)?? I never had yakiniku before only Korean BBQ.


Hi Kevin - In yakiniku...the items you order are in smaller portions, and in the good places the meats are of high quality (prime +). Many of the items are not marinated, though dipping sauces are provided. And those items that are marinated are different from Korean BBQ. Who wants to mar the flavor and textures of "Kobe" (wagyu) beef with a marinade? I hope you give it a try, and please let us know how you enjoyed yourself.


Lol. This sounds like a recap of the debate we had over at Beach's. I'm still not convinced that yakiniku is a serious contender to Korean BBQ's meatastic throne. =)


Hi CP - We love them I said, it's like trying to choose between Sammy and Frankie.


Oh, we just love Buga! It's where we go for Korean BBQ unless someone in our party really wants to go somewhere else (but usually everyone's happy to go to Buga). We've gotten okay at making bulgogi at home (to save money), but the ribeye at Buga is our favorite. That'll keep bringing us back. That, and the fact that I don't know where to find the yummy rice noodle sheets. Are they sold dried? Refrigerated?


Hi leanne - Good question...I've never tried buying them - I'll find out an let you know!

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