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Tuesday, 11 December 2007


cheese cheese

they can use plenty of lard and still be able to say "no trans fat"! ;)

I've been following your blog for a couple of years. Thanks for sharing your eating adventures with us.

If you're ever on yelp look for me =)


WoW talk about asking for coronary attack I would too. To bad the skin wasn't crunchy and I'm very surprise you like bitter melon. I like mine stuff with ground pork and shrimp mixture with soup base.


Thanks for posting on Maharlika.

You know, I've always wondered what their food was like. This place is one of the first things I notice getting off the 805 onto Plaza Blvd. Mmm, that Lechon Kawali looked pretty good to me. I just looove bittermelon. I can never make pinakbet (one of my fave Filipino dishes) because my husband hates bittermelon, okra and eggplant which are some of the main vegetables in that dish. Bittermelon is an acquired taste. It's cool that you like it, being non Pinoy. Most people don't like it.


i'm officially inviting you to our office christmas party this saturday (road trip, ha! ;)) when i asked the girls what they wanted on the menu, the first thing they said was "lechon" immediately followed by "sisig". not only that, they want dinuguan and camarones (tiger prawns wrapped in bacon). it may not be the sisig you're looking for but i think you'll make do!


Hi Kirk,
Try Manila Seafood in Mira Mesa Blvd (same complex with The Coffee Bean, Rite Aid, Popeyes) and order Sisig and/or crispy pata. Let me know if you like it.


Hi CC - Thanks for visiting, and the kind words. 109 Reviews!!! Wow you really get around!

Hi Billy - I enjoy bittermelon, but the Missus does not. Lots of bittermelon in Chinese cuisine as well.

Hi Reynila - The lechon kawale was kinda greasy/waxy...I like the lechon sauce here. You have to remember that my Grandparents, and Parents to a certain extent worked on the plantations alongside Filipino's, so there's some overlap. The Missus hates bittermelon......

Hi Santos - That would be some "road trip".....thanks for the invitation! ;O) lechon with Sisig kind of people.

Hi Minote - Thanks for the rec, is this a new place. I've eaten at Manila Fast Food, and thought the Pata was okay, but the Sisig was to soggy and sour.

Could this be the place.....perhaps under new ownership?



i LOVE sisig! have you tried it over at conchings(eighth)-i like thier sisig? we went to maharlika years ago, that is one of the few places i've seen that makes eggplant with egg. karihan(plaza by popeyes & red ribbon) has some good lechon kawali.

thanks for your blog!


I don't know the name off hand, but there's a place in a tiny strip mall on Camino Ruiz in Mira Mesa next to New York Giant that catered our neighbor's baby shower.

Guess who ate about half of their tray? Thanks for turning me on to the stuff. And if you haven't, give theirs a try. I thought it was really good. (Then again, we don't get out much.)

Wandering Chopsticks

Hmm. I always feel a little bad when I have to do these types of reviews. Just so-so, so I didn't hate it, but nothing compels me to go back. But obviously the person who recommended it loved it and wanted you to like it too. I guess it's the same as someone reading one of my reviews and going and not liking a place. :P


I have to agree with you that the food from Maharlika is generally swimming in grease. I heard it through the grapevine that the people who own San Diego Rotisserie own Maharlika as well. I've done the sisig and lechon kawali there three times on three separate occasions and have struck out with really disappointing dishes everytime. I make it a point not to return. Good call on the greasy-ness of the dishes


Hi Farrah - Thanks for the kind words. I've been to Conching - both downstairs and upstairs a few times, but not recently. I've heard good things about their Sisig, but it seems that they rarely have it available at the steam's usually something that is ordered ahead in large quantities for parties. So to make this brief, I haven't had a pelasure of running into the Sisig from Conching yet.

Hi Jan - Nice to know you're a fellow Sisig lover. Camino Ruiz? I know of only Gemmai, and Eddel's(a post is in the works) in the general I missing something?

Hi WC - I know what you mean....but the first thing I try to make clear is I don't do "reviews"...this is more of a food diary. I don't pretend to be a food writer, I'm a food eater, and I try to go into every restaurant thinking that I'm going to enjoy myself. Also, it's much easier for me to be honest about what I liked or disliked...and especially why, than not to be. I'm hoping someone can compel me to go back. There were things I enjoyed at Maharlika...the ladies are really friendly and nice, the lechon sauce was very good, and the portions are generous. Though many just fixate on what I didn't care for.

Hi Denny - I also noticed the San Diego Rotisserie Van that is always parked in back of the restaurant, so I think you're right. I agree the dishes were really heavy, and though I'm not a shrinking violet when it comes to oil........this was a bit muich for me.


that's right, i forgot about your hawaiian roots! :)


I think this might be the place:,+CA&fb=1&view=text&cd=3&latlng=32926651,-117144020,13937152919071065877&ei=wk5hR5flD6OgrALn4IH8AQ


Thanks for the report on Maharlika, Kirk.

I always wondered about this place as I pass it all the time. It never looked too clean to me.

I must admit to being a bit miffed about the place. It took over the building for a Wendy's that had been there for years. For fast food chains, Wendy's has always been my favorite.

When I saw this place go in...I was kind of disappointed.

I'll stick with Conchings and Titas. As for Sisig...well, I got spoiled. When I get it, I usually get the real stuff homemade...complete with cheek bones... ;->

Good stuff!


Hi Reynila - A certain friend's Dad used to invite prospective suitors of his daughter to dinner, and make pinakbet....just to see if they could handle it.

Hi Jan - That's a new one for me. I'll have to check it out.

Hi Bri - I've enjoyed Sisig made with Pig's head, though it's not for everybody. Maharlika one the last two visits has been very clean...and no more flies!


AAW. I really wanted you to say the sisig was as good as you heard.

So here it is Kirk: YOU MUST try the sisig at Magic Wok in Artesia. I know you get a lot of suggestions from people from all over...but from blogger to blogger, you HAVE to trust me.

It is perfect in every way.

I dream about this sisig. I salivate thinking about this sisig. This sisig is the reason pigs were created by God. And I hate to say it, but, this sisig is even better than their lechon kawale...


Hi Elmo - I trust you, and will add Magic Wok to my list.


Lechon - Manila on Mira Mesa in the RiteAid plaza

Sisig - Conchings off Plaza/8th


Hi ladybugcee - You know, I still haven't had the sisig from Conching...they only seem to make it for catering.

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